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Giveaway winners!!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Couple of days ago, I announced the clearly fresh bags giveaway for our readers. Here are the recipes and the winners!

Divya would like to use these bags to store cool cucumbers! Check out her basil cucumber raitha here.

Muskaan also uses cucumber for her minty cucumber carrot raitha.

Readers who left a comment and who are invited to try these bags are:
Priya Mirthawal and Suman Singh.

The makers of clearly fresh bags will contact you all through email.

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Virtual Party Snacks Round up

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Shabitha started the virtual party event and I had the opportunity to guest host it, considering the festival season I chose the theme of snacks- sweet and savory. Just take a look at our round up and you would want to be in a party that has all these snacks :) You thought diwali was over..Not here!

PJ’s Sago Vada

Santosh Bangar’s Bread Fry with Potato

Santosh Bangar’s Soy Nugget Cutlet-Tikki

Kavitha’s Sabudhana Vada

K from Khichdi’s Sooji Ka Halwa in Microwave

Megha’s Kele Ke Halwa/Banana Pudding

Megha’s Stuffed Mirchi Pakoda’s

Megha’s pan fried eggplant

Megha’s Tri flavored Kheer

Megha’s Stuffed Zucchini

Megha’s Chocococco Burfi

Priya’s Tandoori Chappathi Noodles

Priya’s Oats Coconut Murukku

Priya’s Quinoa Thattai

Priya’s Omapodi/Sev

Padma’s Athirasam/ Kajjaya

Padma’s Thenkuzhal

Padma’s Omapodi

Padma’s Ragi Kai Suttu Murukku

Padma’s kai suttu murukku .

Padma’s Maida Murukku

Padma’s Ragi Murukku

Padma’s Murukku/Chakli:

Padma’s Ukkarai:

Janet’s Paleys-Energy bars

Denny’s Acaraje – Brazilian Black eyed pea fritters.

Denny’s Curried Potatoes in Wonton Cups

Thank you all for participating. I hope I have included all the entries, in case if I have missed any entries, please leave a comment and I’ll update it.

A token of appreciation for participating in the event, do accept it friends!

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Announcing event- Virtual Party- Snacks!

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

When Shabitha asked me if I could host a virtual party event, I was really excited! I mean, who is going to say no to a party? And when I can choose my own theme, all I could think of was snacks :)
Why not, Diwali is coming up next month, with navrathri(dasara) celebrations going on till next week and then there is saraswathi pooja followed by Halloween, I can only imagine the wonderful aromas coming out of each and every kitchen. And soon we are going into the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Have you got any special snack in mind to make it for the holiday season? Share it with us!!

So, the rules are quite simple. Post a recipe with snacks as a theme- could be anything, fried, baked, steamed, savory or sweet! It need not be a snack made for festivals or holidays, it could be your everyday evening snack or your kid’s favorite :)

Link that recipe to this event announcement page and also to Shabita’s original event announcement.

Once that is done, email me at with the following details:

Recipe Name:
Recipe Link(URL of the post):

Multiple entries are welcome! The more the better.

Old entries from archives are welcome too, provided you link it to this page.

Use of logo is really appreciated!

This Virtual party- Snacks event runs from Today, October 9th till November 10th, 2010.

Round up will be posted within a week.

Non bloggers can also participate, just email me the recipe to

Any questions, please leave a comment or email me :)

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Baking from a book roundup!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Champa, who can bake anything from a cake to the tastiest of breads came up with the idea of baking from a book event and I was so happy when I had a chance to host the 4th edition here.

If you are a budding baker, these books can give you an idea- from cookies to cakes! so pick up a fork and off we go to dessert world!

Jyoti’s Plum and apple crumble from the Keelings book of Fruit.

Jyoti’s Chilli Cheese toast from Anjum Anand’s Indian Food Made Easy.

Jyoti’s Marvelous Macaroons from the 101+ Hurry -Up Cookie Recipes.

Jyoti’s Blueberry Muffins from 101 Cakes and Bakes.

Shilpa from Thoughts and Pots sent in two delicious entries:

Cinnamon Rolls from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion:

and Apple crisp from Deborah Madison’s- Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Lataji’s Eggless Ginger Biscuits from Celebrity cookbooks: Cookies Galore by Betty Saw

and Jam Sandwich Biscuits from Celebrity cookbooks: Cookies Galore by Betty Saw

Divya Kudua’s Apple Crumble with Vanilla Custard Sauce from Mallika Badrinath’s 100 Excellent Puddings

Champa’s Cumin Onion Bread Sticks from Land O Lakes book!

Lastly my Baked Kebabs from Marut Sikka’s Indian flavors.

Needless to say, Jyothi takes the cake(!) for sending in the most number of entries and she gets a award from us. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event.

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