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Best of 2009

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Feels like just now we welcomed 2009 and 2010 is already knocking on the doors. Well, honestly it just feels like I welcomed the year 2000 just yesterday. I was studying my bachelors when we celebrated the year 2000 with partying and organizing events and what not. Suddenly its a decade and I feel time gets by very quickly.

It feels weird to think that I am the same person who thought 2010 is like a million years ahead and I would have accomplished a lot of things by then. But the only thing successfully accomplished was getting hitched far before 2010 :)

Looking back at this decade, I feel I have grown a lot (vertically, horizontally, thinking of all dimensions I can). I lived alone for 4 years away from the protective home atmosphere, managed everything from studies to cooking to budgeting to getting around without getting lost in a foreign country.

I also learnt the value of human life. I went home back in 2004 for my first year grad school december holidays. I landed on the 24th in India and happily went home with my entire family on the east coast road and we planned a get together for welcoming 2005. Two days later, tragedy struck and Tsumani gulped the same ECR road we had so happily traveled. We were on the streets that day as it was the chariot(Ratham) festival of the presiding deity. People in my hometown were totally in shock as the waters came within 4-5 kilometers of the outskirts of the town. Nobody knew what happened. As the news started coming in, we knew it was a Tsumani. We did not celebrate anything and when I started my journey back, I could still see dead bodies hastily buried near agricultural fields and fresh graves. I am so thankful that it has not happened again.

Life is full of surprises and ups and downs and here is my list of sweet and bitter memories of 2009.

Best move I made: Starting a blog. I kept debating whether I should or not and in the end, one fine day, just like that, took a photo and started blogging and now running for marathons. Started a simple blog and moved to this domain. I got a chance to chat with lot of bloggers and I have been learning from them.

Best recipes: According to the feedback I got, they are:

Visitor favorites:
Panner Kofta Biryani (Thanks Sis)


Best of the cookbooks:
Aloo Kari Patta from Marut Sikka and finding a good use for achar masala .



My family favorite: Khichdi with Kadhi .

Best recipes cooked from other blogs: I am cooking those recipes I wanted to, thanks to Nupur’s Recipe Marathon.

Events: Participated in events like
JFI – Paneer and Saffron

MLLA 17 and 18 Matar patties and Mullugatawny Soup

WYF- Speciality food : Paneer Kofta Biryani and Eiya Sombu Rasam

Tea Time Snack : Butter biscuit

Monthly Mingle : Clear tomato soup

Think Spice Turmeric event: Khichdi with Kadhi and Aloo Kari Patta.

Think Spice Think Poppy Seeds: Kadappa and Egg Korma

Tried and Tasted : Paneer Makhni and Mango Shrikand

RCI Mumbai- Pav Bhaji

Cooking for kids – Aviyal

Cheers : The wheat-allergy phase. Hubby suddenly became allergic to wheat for the past one year and only from summer of 2009, he is back in shape. We have no idea how it happened just glad that its over. But I learnt how to cook without wheat and for almost 8 months we did not even make chappati or poori. A Gluten free- vegetarian diet, how simple you think it can be?

Best Investment with respect to food: Creating a vegetable garden. We harvested okra (almost every other day), eggplants, long beans, bitter gourd, cucumber, chilies, cilantro, mint, green onions, beans, green peppers and tomatoes for almost a year. Then we got the unexpected snow and now its all rotten plants in the backyard. We were almost happy that no hurricane is going to hit us this time (We felt the pounding force of IKE last year) and then came the snow..


Scary-Funny-Memories with respect to food: These memories are also from our garden. During summer, we caught around 10 snakes at regular intervals. Coming from India, the minute we saw the first one, we called 9-1-1. But then we were told snakes are “natural habitat” of Texas and so nothing can be done about it. We later called a snake-catcher(how ironic it could be) and he took them to a safe place. After that incident, we double check whenever we pick a karela or a cucumber or long beans to be sure that we are not carrying Mr/Mrs “S” :)

Anybody who is planning on a remake on the famous “Amman/Goddess” movies- you know who to contact now to get your supply of snakes. Even this morning, I found this baby snake, dead and coiled around my tulsi plant. What a way to reach vaikaundam- home of lord Vishnu.


We are so used to seeing them now that something so scary during childhood is not so scary anymore. It’s almost like you see a long lost friend and moving on.

Yet to come: More traditional Tamilnadu/Indian recipes, some tweaked recipes and tried and tasted from other blogs.

Resolutions for 2010: Healthy life style, Balanced diet and exercise.

Sending this post to Srivalli’s Best of the year 2009 event.

I have been completing this post for a couple of days and scheduled it only to realize that I did not set it up :)

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