Stuffed Whole Okras

We got some baby okras last week and I thought of using them as a whole in the poriyal (kari) than chopping them. This recipe is similar to stuffed eggplants Yennai Kathirikkai Kari but much crispier.


Fresh, tender okras- 25
Salt- to taste
Oil- 1 tbsp
Water- 4 tbsp

To powder:
Urad Dal- 3 tbsp
Chana Dal- 3 tbsp
Red Chilies- 4
Salt to taste


Toast the ingredients give to powder till golden brown in color. Cool and grind to a fine powder. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt, mix well with the powder and keep aside.

Wash and pat dry the okras. Chop the top part and slit the okras (but do not slit them into two,just make a like a pita pocket and leave the okra stem at the end untouched).

Start filling this gap between okra with the spice powder. I usually add a teaspoon of idli milagai podi as well to the spice mix I made to give some extra flavor.

Heat oil in a frying pan and start arranging the okras with the stuffed side up. Sprinkle some salt on top of the okras. Keep the flame to a low-medium, cover the pan and let it fry for a good 7-9 minutes on one side.

Using a pair of tongs, turn the okras to the other side and add about 3 tablespoon of water (do not add too much of water as that will result in a mushy okra. The steam from the covered pan itself can cook the baby okras).

Cover and let it cook on the other side for 7 minutes. Check if the okras are cooked through. If not, keep the pan uncovered and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.

Serve the crispy okras as it as, a snack or with sambar rice or rasam rice.

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16 Comments to “Stuffed Whole Okras”

  1. Faiza says:

    First time to your blog…you have a lovely space here with yummy recipes. Stuffed okras are my all time fav..nice recipe.

  2. simplyfood says:

    This sounds really interesting but I dont know if you are aware but the google ad in left hand corner is overlapping the ingredients list so I couldnt make out all the ingredients.

  3. indosungod says:

    This looks like a treat. Love okras and this is a new way to make them for me.
    With rasam rice heaven in a plate.

  4. Cham says:

    I ve seen many stuffed okra in blog, but never give a try! I love this mushy green porial :)

  5. Havent seen or heard abt stuffing okra before,sounds really interesting & seems good as well….thanks for the recipe ruchika,will try when i get okras…

  6. ruchikacook says:

    Thanks for visiting Faiza, the cake you have made is delicious.

    Simplyfood, I have amended it, hope it works well now.

    Cham, I dont like okras getting all slimy if I chop it, hence this whole stuffed okra.

    ISG, I agree with you.

    Thanks Sushmaji.

  7. Lovely captured & presented bharwa bhindis….. Yummy!!!! wanna taste…them…. How I wish u could pass them !!!!!! But truly good…. wanted to try but now that I have the directions…I will….


  8. Hey a this not blogspot..if not, what is it????? I like the look & all those small details …..


  9. hey,

    love the stuffed bhindi..taste great with rotis and rice..yum yum..

  10. Lubna Karim says:

    Wow…bhendi looks delectable…..

  11. Asha says:

    Thanks Ruchika, wish you the best too. Okras are my fav veggie, looks delicious.

  12. Ashwini says:

    Hi Ruchika,

    I love the flavour of Bhindi. Stuffed one is something I have neve tried. Yours tempts me to do so. They look so crunchy!!

  13. anshika says:

    I love bhindi. And stuffed bhindis are specially devine that too with soft hot rotis and a perfect meal is ready.

  14. smilinglight says:

    Wow, the presentation is amazing! I’m sure it tastes as good too! First visit to your blog and it seems very interesting!

  15. Linda says:

    Sadly I don’t seem to have the patience (or dexterity) to stuff these little babies properly. Maybe next summer I will try again. I grew Chanchal okra last summer and it was the best I’ve ever grown. Even thrived in a container.

    Yours look fabulous! :)

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