An Award and 7 things random

Surprise! I opened my inbox to find that Simply Sensational Food has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am happy to receive it, Thanks Simply Sensational Food.

But wait, the award comes with another surprise. I have to share seven things about myself..Hmmm, I can talk like anything(I am sure you would have noticed that) so here goes. It is mostly personal and sentimental and emotional so be prepared and read on..

1) I am a Gemini (Yeah, very useful information). I guess that reflects on my food as well. In a given week, I don’t stick to cooking the same thing and one day it is something very traditional and the next day it is something totally opposite and experimental.

2) My cooking inspiration is my elder sister. All I did when I was growing up was to stuff myself with the goodies she used to make. Being the youngest in the family, I only helped out in cutting veggies and watching the pots. I got the chance to be in the kitchen and make a dish only on special occasions or if Mom or Sis was not at home. But when I started University and had to live on my own, I got a chance to cook different cuisines and started enjoying it. Now my sis is a regular reader of this blog and she asks me “Is this my little Sister” 😀

3) I make a grocery list every week before I go shopping and I stick to it adamantly. That helps me to use different vegetables on a rotational basis. What you see on this blog is what I cook for the both of us, and so it has to be healthy yet inviting and exciting. I don’t want to spend $300 a week to buy exotic ingredients or rarely used ingredients to make one recipe. At the same time, I cannot cook for $3 a week. I have to make sure that we eat healthy at home, but not missing any of the restaurant style meals. All the recipes I have posted here, can be made with simple ingredients available at home and that is still my policy. Don’t over complicate and don’t waste.

4) I have a secret friend in my kitchen. My stove top! Once amma told me to take good care of the stove top and atleast do a pooja for it for one major festival when I have my own home. I thought it is some ritual but now I realize that it means a lot. Most of the time, say 3-4 hours a day, I have to spend in the kitchen. As I chop veggies, cook, stir, wash the dishes and wait near the stove, I cannot control my mind and I start thinking about a lot of things like recession, our health, our future, some mistakes, replaying some words spoken to me by some people, wishing I had a good answer at some occasions and so on and so forth. Some times these emotions are also transfered to the food we make, either happy or angry.

No one can hear me, but still when I enter the kitchen, I feel like it is my Kingdom and the stovetop my Saheli. Somehow I feel she knows more about the real me. And once I got that feeling, I couldn’t bear my kitchen counter being messy or stove top showing off all spills. I take good care of her and she, as always is my silent listener.

5) I cannot start my mornings without a cup of coffee. After so many advice sessions from Sis, I gave up my morning coffee for some days, then I started again. And I felt guilty and gave up again..And felt I needed a boost and started again..I am still playing that cat and mouse game…

6) I believe that food can be medicine. Before taking western medicines, I somehow feel that I can control it by eating special food or powders or kashayams (herbal syrups) or herbal oil. And it works for me at some occasions, so I try it first before worrying about side effects of medicines.

7) Though I pull N’s leg a lot, one thing I must admit is that he cooks really well. When he cooks, my favorites are: Bise bela bath (authentic Karnataka style), Palak Paneer, Aloo Palak and Garlic rasam. Most important thing to admit, when he makes parathas, they turn out perfectly round in shape, compared to my paratha maps of various countries :(

The award story doesn’t end here. I have to pass it on to seven people. I have made so many blogging buddies in the past few months and admired the creativity of so many people, that it is hard to choose only seven. Here are my choices:

Cham of Spice Club
Asha of Foodies Hope
Nupur of One Hot Stove
Sheela of Delectable Victuals
Pavithra of Dishes from my kitchen
Priya of priya’s easy and tasty recipes
Notyet100 of Asan Khana

Have a good weekend y’all.

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12 Comments to “An Award and 7 things random”

  1. Cham says:

    Haha” emotion transferred through food”- so I can tell by tasting ur food ur emotions. Angry food goes spicy :) Kidding!
    Congrats on ur award and wish u many in future. U ve a warm, excellent way to entertain and attract readers, keep it up!
    Thanks for sharing with us !

  2. Nupur says:

    Thanks for the award! Very sweet of you, and I’ll definitely share 7 things in my next post.

    I enjoyed reading about you, and I love your policy of “Don’t over complicate and don’t waste.” Very wise!

  3. Congrats on your award! Nice knowing your secrets… I have a habit of making lists for everything, which goes for grocery as well :) I find it absolutely great that your stove top is your secret listener:)
    Have a great weekend:)

  4. Sheela says:

    Ruchika, so sweet of you to pass on the award! Really nice reading the seven things about you – esp., the cat-mouse/love-hate relationship with the morning cup of coffee :) Cheers, Sheela.

  5. Congraz on ur award ruchika,it was so nice reading abt u, was interesting….and i hope u get lots more awards in this year….keep rocking…

  6. Hey Kudos to you, to have been tagged…. And felt good to learn u more….. A woman spends most interesting part of her life in kitchen, for her loved ones…..
    And so sorry could not make it here….. But now I see an overflow of preps that I was not aware of…& such lovely ones…. Of course!!!! The chilli – paneer is so unique & tempting…. same goes with the mango rasam too….. UNIQUE!!!!!


  7. Hi ruchika,it really feels good when i see your msg,u seems to be a very frank natured, st forward person just like how i am…so would love to make friendship with you….i hope v can be good friends here on….do u have an orkut or facebook account? do let me know…till then bye bye….hope your enjoying ur weekend..take care…

  8. Sayantani says:

    Congrats on the awrd Ruchika. now you have got some open secrets. l alsi make it a point to do my grocery by a list and mostly I do a monthly shopping. great food related secrets and really helpful.

  9. Asha says:

    Enjoy your award and enjoyed reading your 7 things too. Specially loved #4. I am like you too, think too much about too many things, sometimes get worked up for nothing. Love kitchen gives you comfort but these days I am trying not to cook too much, trying to lose some wt and spend less on groceries too. One thing I cannot control so far is buying unnecessary things but must try this year.

    Thanks for my award too. I think I have done 7 things before, so I will just add the award and your name in my sidebar! :))

  10. simplyfood says:

    I loved reading the insider info about your self. Great post and glad that you accepted the award.

  11. Linda says:

    Dear S,

    Somewhere on my blog is a photo of some very wild-shaped rotis! Your post is very enlightening and shows your wisdom and humor :)

    Congrats on your award!

  12. notyet100 says:

    enjoyed readin bout u,..thanks for the award,.

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