Ragi Mudde

At the dining table, nothing could make N’s face light up like the times when he sees kharabath, rava idli or ragi mudde for a weekend breakfast. Kharabath is something he can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And if he goes to Bangalore for an official trip and comes back home, he would expect my dishes to be on the same level as SLV food chain or the MTR -Mavalli Tiffin room.

Though kharabath(rava upma) or rava idlis needs a bit of preparation, ragi mudde is something very easy to prepare and it is very healthy. There is even a saying that people who eat ragi mudde will have more physical strength than the others. Ragi kanji is good for people looking forward to reduce weight but on a proper diet.

Ingredients: (makes 6 balls/muddes)

Ragi flour- 1 cup
Water- 2 cups
Oil or Ghee- 1/4 tsp
Salt – to taste

Boil water in a pot (non stick sauce pan is very useful for this). Whichever pan you use, it has to be tall rather than a wide pan. Do not use a frying pan for making/boiling this water.

When the water starts to boil, simmer the flame, add salt to taste, add ghee or oil and add the ragi flour. Mix once and cover and let it cook for 4-5 minutes. Do not keep on mixing as it will only make the mudde’s soft and mushy.

After 4-5 minutes, remove the cover and swirl all the contents into one big ball and make sure that there aren’t any lumps.

Keep ice cold water in a cup handy. Dip your hands into the ice cold water and start making lemon sized balls out of the cooked ragi flour. You have to do this as soon as the ragi is out of the stove and that is why ice water is needed to dip the fingers in the water. Arrange the mudde’s on a plate.

Ragi mudde is usually served hot with something spicy like a sambar or pachidi or kozhambu. And the way to eat this ragi mudde is to pick a piece from the balls soaked in sambar, and swallow it. Do not chew or expect to get a bite.

If I make ragi mudde for breakfast, I like to eat it in Tamilnadu style by adding some freshly chopped pearl onions, some mango pickle and some yogurt to make it like a koozh like consistency. Whichever way you like to eat it, I am sure you would love it. Simple but it packs a punch.

This ragi mudde is my entry for JFI-Ragi, hosted this month by Maduram and JFI is the event started by Indira.

Lovely blogger buddy Rachana shared a Happy 10-Sweet friends award with me today. Girl, you are gonna make my life an open book(blog), I tell you 😀
Many congratulations on the Happy 10 award Rachana and thank you so much for sharing the award with me and the things that you expect me to write will be here tomorrow.

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18 Comments to “Ragi Mudde”

  1. Preety says:

    it looks so yummy

  2. Healthiest and quiet an easy one too….i havent tried making it so far as i didnt know how to make it….though i have tasted it just once….Will make it next time…

  3. I personally never tried as they are not a part of our staple diet…. & have no practise of it too…. But I have heard people going ga ga over it… So I guess it must be really yummy….. I think it is relished best with mutton gravy…. Hmmmmm………………………


  4. wow, nice use of ragi..would definitely taste great with sambhar for me.

  5. Priya says:

    Such a traditional dish..had it really long back..

  6. Asha says:

    YUM!! After you left a comment y’day about Mudde, I just couldn’t help myself. Got up and made some Moolangi Gojju and Mudde just for myself. My dad is from Mysore but my hubby is from around Hassan, so I am the only one who is really likes Mudde which I make once a month or so. I ;iterally use about 1/2 cup of Ragi flour to make just for one and it lasts for 2 meals! 😀

    Make this classic Mysore Gojju (with Daikon) next time for your hub, surprise him. We love Ragi rotti with khara chutney too.



    Great post, loved it. NOBODY can replicate MTR! 😀

    Have a wonderful weekend Ruchika. I might read a LOT this weekend! :)

  7. indosungod says:

    I have read so much about this but have never tried making it. I am afraid it will into one huge blob!

  8. Rujuta says:


    It looks great…..pretty different dish……

    Lovely blog……

  9. Looks fantastic and yummy:) have a great weekend:)

  10. Sayantani says:

    I have recently been introduced to Ragi and happy to see so many variations of ragi recipes these days.

  11. usha says:

    I have heard so much about this dish, looks yum and is so healthy too !

  12. Cham says:

    My husb fav- those ragi balls- I prefer the koozh! Quiet healthy and I was having koozh during my pregn when I was diagn of diabetic! It controlled perfectly the blood sugar without medication!

  13. Asha says:

    I think MTR Rasam pd is the best product. Swiss owns the products? WOW!! Radish Gojju is similar to chutney ingredients+Yogurt. I love it. Ragi rotti amd Khara chutney, wish I had some to munch now, so cold here suddenly.
    Well…hello to N, have a fab weekend both of you, see you next week. Nothing special planned for this weekend for us but the usual eating out and more grocery shopping! 😛

  14. Madhuram says:

    Ruchika thank you very much for your words of appreciation and sending this entry to the event.

  15. Gauri says:

    Hi…my grandmother used to make these sweet muddes which she called menthe mudde…does anyone have the recipe????

  16. ruchikacook says:


    Thanks for the comment. My hubby is from Karnataka, I will ask him about this and send you the recipe. Hope I can send email to this id.

  17. gauri says:


  18. seshu reddy says:

    Well.. I eat ragi balls twice daily along with curd..especially during morning hours instead of tiffin and at night..In five months i lost almost 20 kgs.

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