Dus Ka Dum or roasted taro root?

Every time I cook seppen-kizhangu(taro-root), I think of my 3 year old nephew A. He loves this taro root curry and his eyes will be as big as saucers and he’ll say “Seppi Kari”. And I am sure he got that seppi gene from all of us in our family. Sis, BIL,me, N, amma we all like roasted taro root kari. When I was visiting Sis last year, I took charge of kitchen for a few days as both Sis and BIL work and I was baby sitting A as well. I had a lovely, memorable time together with him and I wish I could run along and play with him now. He’d be throwing his toys from the balcony and I’ll be running behind him to collect them, he will be giving me his explanations of how things work around us at home and most of all he’ll lead the way setting good example for this chitti.

One day as I was in the kitchen and he was moving between kitchen and the living room watching his rhymes DVD. I’ll remember that day forever, I am sure about that. He casually came into the kitchen and told me ” Chitti, it is day time, light is unnecessary”. I was shocked and speechless for a minute. There he was, a 3 year old cutie pie telling me how to be energy efficient. He indicated me to lift him, which I always love to do and he happily switched off the lights and went back to his humpty dumpty like nothing happened!!

Dear Sis, let me take this opportunity to openly tell you, please don’t set high standards for mine to keep up 😀

And every time I make this taro root kari, I think of him and I have to tell this “light bulb” story to anybody and everybody around me(including you, you and you).

Usually taro root kari is made with red chili powder and coriander seed powder, but I made it with achar masala for a spicy side dish.

Ingredients (Serves-2)

Taro root- 14-16 numbers
Salt to taste
Achar Masala(Pickle spice powder)- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Asafoetida- 1 pinch
Oil- 2 tsp (olive oil or sesame oil)
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves- few
Cilantro- few leaves


Pressure cook the taro root for 12 minutes(2 whistles). Cool and remove the outer skin. Chop them into cubes.

Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds, asafoetida , curry leaves and cumin seeds. When they splutter,add the chopped taro root, achar masala, salt and turmeric powder. Keep the flame to a medium-low and stir fry for 4-5 minutes. Cover and let it cook for another 5 minutes. Remove the cover again and stir fry the kari till it is crispy.
Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with rice.

Updates: Couple of friends asked me a photo of taro root, or colocasia. Here is an article with photo of the plant.

This seppen-kizhangu roast is my entry for Arundhuti’s Served with love event. We cook for the people we love the most and wherever we go, when we taste some particular dish, it brings back memories of a relative or a friend. Does it not?

Sumi shared the kreative blogger award with me today. Thanks for sharing it with me Sumi, it means a lot to me. I have already shared 7 things about me and I guess you’d be OK with me sticking to them for now.

I thought I had shared enough when I wrote about 7 secret things, but Rachana shared this Sweet Friends award with me and she wants me to write 10 more..Yaar, kopdi mere empty ho jayege soch soch ke 😀 ..I’ll do 5, hope you’ll accept it, dus ka dum nahi hai mere paas..

I am gonna keep it short this time..

1) Sleeping as soon as I hit the sack is one of the things I can do without any mistakes :) May be I am a sleepoholic.

2) When Sis and I were kids, during summer we would make vadams(sago poppadams) and we’d be asked to guard it..Half the time, we would eat the half baked vadams instead of guarding it..But the vadams taste yum when it is sunbathing, I tell you.

3)Lady luck and me never get along very well. Murphy’s laws seems like they were written for me. I’d be standing in a queue for four hours and when my turn comes up, the printer or computer would give up..Need more proof?

4) During my first days as a student in Europe, I went to a desi shop to get some Toor dal to make sambar. There was this line of dals standing like royal guards waiting for the queen and I was so confused seeing so many different names and colors. I gathered courage and asked the sales guy, ” Sambar is made with toor dal, where is it?” ( I know, I am a disgrace to my entire sambar loving community but what to do, I needed it asap and no one knew who I was :) )

5) With number 5, I guess I am digging my own path downwards . Usually, when N is on a tour, I get a load of books from the library, that way I can read without getting disturbed. Sometimes I wish N would be near me because as soon as I finish the book I want to discuss it with him. Sometimes if I read a book like Da Vinci Code, I dig for the base of the book like the Holy grail just to get additional knowledge 😉

Once, when N was on tour and me being too bored and lazy to do anything and having seen so much written about it……logged on to youtube…To see what hilarious jokes I can make about about Raki Ka Swayamwar. Big mistake of my life, could not even stand 10 minutes of watching it and all I could ask was, how on earth in a country of nearly a Billion people (and counting), there is such a tamasha? Were all of the viewers sitting ducks? It was way beyond words..

Because of that secret activity, I am afraid to log into youtube again. As soon as it recognizes me, it automatically gives me options like pati-patni aur woh, Perfect Bride (Are you kidding me, so I was not a perfect Indian bride?),Splitsvilla (where love is supposed to be war), Sach Ka Samna and so on and so forth.Whew!!

Every blog is unique in its own way. So, readers, blogging buddies, please feel free to accept the award from here. Selecting just 10 people won’t do justice 😀

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12 Comments to “Dus Ka Dum or roasted taro root?”

  1. Nice recipe,simple and delicious,…when i was reading abt ur nephew it was like i was reading abt my son, he is just like that…very naughty and just like him he also love watching dvds…now a days kids are so sharp that they surprise us by the way they talk at this age….but having kids around certainly makes our life much more enjoyable….and it was again nice reading a few more things abt u to know u even more better…..and thanks for sharing this delicious recipe sowjanya…take care and have a lovely weekend…

  2. The dish looks great and was fun reading about you:) Well done!!! I can’t watch such shows too…

  3. Rujuta says:

    Nice dish….. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.
    Congratulations for your wonderful awards

  4. PJ says:

    Ruchika, my mom used to make this dish when we were kids.. your post reminds me of that! Loved reading about your nephew and knowing a bit more about you. Oh, wow I wish I was like you in that I would fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed, but alas, insomnia has me covered :) Interesting youtube experience! You can tell it to erase the history so to make a fresh start.. heh heh :)

  5. Cham says:

    The nephew is like his chitti :) Eppadi ma, correcta? The fun part is no 4) u were dying 4 sambar!
    I like Seppa kizhangu- I do the plain pan fry! Achar powder is a nice twist!

  6. simplyfood says:

    Not really sure what this veg is but am going to goggle it and find out.Congrats on your award.

  7. Priya says:

    Hey sowjanya, haha me and my sister used to eat half of the vadam like u guys…miss it..seppankizhangu saapitu naal achu, u pulling me to go to Indian grocery..

  8. ruchikacook says:

    Kids bring freshness and happiness, dont they sushmaji…And the way they do things :)

    Thanks for sharing the award Rachana.

    PJ, food gives me fond memories of every one..Glad that you liked it.

    Thanks Rujutha.

    Cham akka, chitti mathiri thaan nepew vum, correct a sonnenga.

    Simply food, I will update the post with pix of the taro root soon.

    Priya,wish those times would come back nah?

  9. indosungod says:

    Taro root fry is a big favorite in our house. Just can’t get the kids to remember the name of the vegetable but they call it the tastier potato.

    Sleeping as soon as your head hits the pillow is a gift.

  10. wow, nice recipe..congrats on your award and was great reading about you..really cant stand such shows..

  11. Siri says:

    I love ‘Seppi-Kari’ too..:)..it is my all-time-favorite..Hearty Congratulations for the awards!..


  12. sheba says:

    that was such a great read….loved the seppi kari too

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