Announcing Event: Home Remedies Series II

Couple of weeks ago, A2Zvegetariancuisine organized the Home Remedies Event and needless to say, it was a huge success. Because of the feedback we got for the event, the event will be hosted as a series from now on. I will be hosting the event for March 2010.

Instead of spending minutes on the mobile trying to call near and dear ones and asking for a simple home remedy, turn to this post and you can save time and stop worrying. I suggested a simple remedy for sinus and I have had so many people writing back to say that it worked and offered them relief.

Not many people, including youngsters know the simple remedies that are effective and can save you a trip to the doctor. If you know some remedy that you think has worked for you and you would like to share the same, please do so by writing about it on your blog and linking it to this post and to A2Zvegetariancuisine

You are new to the Home remedies event and wondering where to start? Here are a few ideas:

Beauty: Dry skin, Oily Skin, dandruff, tips for hair growth, and dark circles around the eyes.
Stomach: Digestive Issues, Heartburn.
Common Issues: Cold, Sinus, Headaches.
Pregnancy: Any remedies for nursing mother’s or pregnant women or similar subjects.

But we have some rules to follow, like any other event:

1) This is a vegetarian blog so ingredients used should be strictly vegetarian, no eggs allowed please, however dairy is exempted.

2) Please send only remedies which you have tried & tested in your home and worked for you.

3) If you have used any special spice/s for the remedies please take a photo along with the final product as lot of people might not be familiar by the name, also discuss why & when to use/consume, ALSO whether it is prepared fresh/ can be kept after preparing for later consumption.

4) Link your post to the event and the use of logo is COMPULSORY. link given below.

5) When you send the entry please mark for which ailment this remedy is.

6) Old entries are accepted, provided you repost them, and link back to this event.

7) We are looking for remedies which we drink or apply orally, so no chicken soup for the soul please 😉
(please do not send the usual rasams also)

8) There is no limit on the number of entries you can send, so send as many you want. But each entry has to be linked to the event announcement(this post) and also to Sadhana and Muskaan’s. Once that is done, send me an email at with the name, link to your blog post(url), recipe and a photo of the remedy suggested.

9) Non bloggers can also participate in this event, just email me with picture, recipe & name of the remedy and your email address to

10) For ideas check out here for some of the home remedies we have posted from Series I.

11) The event starts today and ends on March 31, 2010. Round up will be posted in a week.

12) Any questions please leave a comment or email me at

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25 Comments to “Announcing Event: Home Remedies Series II”

  1. Padma says:

    Happy hosting. Will try to send some.

  2. ya would love to participate in this beautiful event….and that too my behen is hosting it….as of now i dont have any but mom must be having lots,so will ask and post it and send it to your event too….and happy holi once again sowjanya..

  3. Muskaan says:

    Goodluck !! Ruchika…will surely send in something..

  4. Cham says:

    Happy Hosting, I will try my best to look around :)

  5. Sayantani says:

    will try to participate as this is the most helpful event in the blog world.

  6. simplyfood says:

    Lovely on going event and very educating.

  7. Happy hosting dear! Will try n send in something…

  8. Just read your wonderful comment and couldn’t stop smiling… My hubby is a big thandai freak and hence the recipe:) Happy Holi dear!

  9. Priya says:

    Happy hosting Sis, dont worry will send my entries soon..

  10. Subhashini says:

    Hey Great idea.I am going to send one of my entry in couple of minutes.

  11. Jagruti says:

    Hey Ruchika

    Very happy for you that you are hosting an evevnt….read your comment on my page….brought smile on my face…good luck and I’ll send some entries too…

  12. Wonderful thought of continuing the event!!! Shall send in some entries!!!

  13. Champa says:

    Ruchika, Thanks for leaving a comment. I would love to take part in this, but unfortunately, I don’t know many of the home remedies that are cooked and eaten. I’ll try to think of something for sure.

  14. PJ says:

    very interesting event, Ruchika (sorry, your name is stuck in my head as Ruchika 😀 – don’t worry I’ll get over it). I am not a home remedy expert at-all but luckily my mom is! A chance for me to impart some knowledge from her, dont you think.. count me in.

  15. suparna says:

    hi Ruchika,
    Wonderful theme!!! have a great time hosting, will look for some interesting entreis dear :)
    Keep rocking!

  16. Asha says:

    My laptop broke down last weekend, tried fixing it whole weekend and lost all the bookmarks. It took 3 days to fix it, could log on on;y today. But I did lot of yardwork because of this, so that’s good.Weather was great too. Today it’s snow and rain againg they say but don’t see it happening much here.

    Great event. I only Menasina saaru for cold which I already have posted it at Aroma. May be I will link it. Otherthan that, don;t know any nushkas, get pills from hubby for everything! ;D

  17. hey good that you made a series of a helpful event..will try to send something..

  18. Asha says:

    R, I have a big problem with blogger today, don’t know if this is for everybody. I can read othere blogs and my own and comment moderation as well, but I can’t get into my own “edit posts” page!! Since my laptop is fixed only last night, I haven’t typed anything for Wednesday post, just loaded the photos last week. I fthey don’t fix the blogger by tonight, I don’t have anything to post tomorrow!! WAAAHH!!

  19. ruchikacook says:

    Thank you for our support girls..

  20. PJ says:

    Happy hosting dear.Its a lovely idea to go in for hoime remedies instead of popping pills for every small ailment.I will surely send in some remedies.

  21. Ramya says:

    Hi Ruchika,
    I would love to participate in this event.I will send in my entry in time.Wish you good luck with event hosting, BTW good event : )

  22. ummrazeen says:

    a true innovative event. will surely send my entries soon

  23. Daisyblue says:

    Nice event..will try to send in an entry..

  24. Nithu Bala says:

    I have sent you an entry today..plz. check it out..

  25. Vjbunny says:

    Hi, Ruchika,
    Its great idea, i would like to contribute at the same time read all the other remedies on home remedy I event which you mentioned will you pls tell how. Note i dont have mine own website.

    Remedy for sinus:
    My husband used to suffer from sinus (runny nose)so i have tried this remedy n got good result. Make hing paste by rubbing it with little water and dip cotton wad and apply this on sinus area(on the nose just below nose bridge). Please see that you are not allergic to hing(asafoetida).

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