Kitchen to the Rescue: Home Remedies II- Event Round up

Taking part in an event organized by other bloggers has been fun and exciting for me, till I decided to host an event. As soon as I announced the Home Remedies- Series II, I was wondering about the entries, and I was checking email every few minutes. Luckily my friends did not let me down, they put up with my constant nagging and reminder about the event. I am thankful to all of you, for sharing the remedies you use at home. Some of my blogger friends also took the time to read some remedies from books, tried it and even asked their moms! Thanks Friends.

I also thank A2Zvegetarian Cuisine who gave me the opportunity to guest host this very useful Home Remedies Event.

How to use the round up:

I have tried my best to categorize the entries. You can see a cateogry like cold or body aches and the entries related to that will be given beneath each category. Each remedy name has been linked(underlined ones) and you can read more about them by clicking on the remedy. You will be redirected to the participant’s home page and if you have any questions about it, you can leave a comment on their page.

Let’s begin!

Remedies for Common Cold:

The most sought after remedy is for cold I guess 😉

Subashini sends us this entry For Cold/Coughs which is a drink prepared from Ginger, Pepper, Honey and Basil leaves. Kids older than 5 years can be given this concoction and for adults, double the quantity of each ingredient.

Usha shares her remedy for cold with this Rasam . Adults and children can benefit from drinking this rasam(soup).

Indrani has categorized the symptoms and believes in simple herbal treatments. She suggests the following:

For Cold: A concoction with Ginger, pepper and Honey, safe to use with kids.

For relief from Mucus: An oil massage with black cumin seeds and garlic to be applied just before going to bed.

For cough: A herbal drink with basil(tulsi) and honey. Another drink with water and garlic. Check out both remedies here.

For the dry coughs: Indrani’s simple trick is using ginger and lime juice, recipe is here.

Nithu Bala has a simple but very effective remedy to fight the cold, which can give relief in two uses. Adults and kids can use this Turmeric and Ginger Milk.

Do you know that Cinnamon is a cure for common cold? Check out these remedies from Priya where you can also find good use for ginger and honey for cold.

Onions can give bad breath, but can they cure cold? They sure can, and Aparna tells us how this onion juice can give relief from common cold.

A drink with ginger, pepper and honey can protect you from cold, prepare this drink as per these instructions by Aparna.

For sore throats and for reducing cholestrol, try this Panam Kalkandu Milk(Palm sugar crystals milk) suggested by Umm Razeen.

This steaming hot cup of pepper rasam(soup) is from Shama, which is an energy booster for recovery after a fever/cold.

Prani shares a recipe for Chukku Jeera Chooranam (Dried Ginger and cumin powder), which is good for cold, gives relief in 6 hours!

Shama’s remedy for cold is also Turmeric-Pepper Milk and she also gives other uses for turmeric such as reducing cholesterol.

Koki gives three simple remedies, one with Ginger, one with turmeric and pepper milk and a very fragrant Eucalyptus oil for relief from cold and cough.

For Mothers/Babies:

For Morning Sickness:

Yes! There is a remedy for that non stop “all day” sickness which gives a really tough time for pregnant women. Cool Lassie has made this Ginger-Lemon Green tea especially for Soon to be Moms.

For Pregnant Women in the last trimester(Water Retention):

This is one common worry before you can cuddle your bundle of joy, seeing our face, palms or feet swollen due to water retention. Cham gives a recipe of barley water to drink during the last trimester to get rid off the excess water in the body. Not only for pregnant women, barley water is an excellent remedy for people suffering from Kidney stones as a natural diuretic.


Smitha sends us this wonderful remedy forBanantipudi(spice powder)- for Postpartum(Moms) and Colicy Babies.

Who has to take: Mom, who is feeding the baby (Do not feed the baby this chutney powder, Please note that)
Dosage: One handful of hot rice, mixed with ghee and this powder, to be taken by the mom.

For PMS:

Umm Razeen suggests using Fenugreek seeds with water as a drink to get relief from PMS-Stomach Cramps.

Koki also suggests using Fenugreek seeds with buttermilk for relief from PMS. In the same post, she suggests using cabbage as a remedy for feeding mother for sore breasts.


Coconut is known to soothe boils and ulcers and Shama gives a delicious recipe for coconut milk kanji which is a remedy for mouth ulcers.


Padma sends us this Oma Water (Ajwain Water). I remember seeing this oma water in tiny bottles sold at grocery shops in India, but do check out how easy it is to make it at home.

Who can take: Adults/ Kids above 9 months
Dosage: Dilute with water and consume
Best for : Stomach pain, acidity, heartburn, indigestion

Jagruthi shares the uses of asafoetida in cooking to prevent stomach bloating.

Priti also reminds us of the uses of asafoetida for stomach aches and a recipe for asafoetida paste.

Subashini recommends using Cumin Water, a remedy she has learnt from her Grand mother, use this for relief from stomach bloating.

Abhirami remembers this Inji Sorasam/ Ginger drink from her childhood when her mom chased her around to make her take this ginger drink before a oil bath on saturdays.

Shama shares one of the most traditional coffees from Tamilnadu, the Sukku Coffee (Dried Ginger Coffee), which is an excellent remedy for not only stomach aches due to indigestion, but also for cold, headaches and body ache.

Garlic can keep vampires away but did you know it can also give relief from Gastric troubles? Koki tells us the uses of garlic with water and milk to say goodbye to stomach aches.

Sushma gives a list of uses for our Tulsi(Basil), which can be used for cold/stomach issues. high blood pressure/ Kidney stones.

Tulsi leaves with yogurt has to be consumed on an empty stomach to get relief from the above mentioned issues. Check out the full recipe here. Do not use this remedy for children.

Aparna gives three simple remedies for indigestion: Ajwain water, Cumin water and buttermilk with asafoetida, full details are here.


Joanne, our trusted doc, who eats well with others in her blog, shares this tried remedy for burns. She
recommends using potato peelings for burns.

Priti shares a remedy for burns too, quite an unsual one- tooth paste


Body Aches:

Making a home made oil with two simple ingredients (camphor and sesame oil) acts as an analgesic to cure body aches, made often at home by my mom and my entry for this event.

Head Aches:

My remedy for headaches is using lemon wedges and letting the lemon juice relax the tensed muscle.

Tooth aches:

Jagruthi shares this remedy for toothache, which is so simple! Just use a pinch of asafoetida in the cavity and the pain is gone!

Sushma suggests applying Clove oil dipped in cotton to the cavity for immediate relief. Also,check out her remedy using basil leaves and black pepper corn paste and neem water for toothaches.

Beat the Heat:

Summer is just around the corner here, and already showing it’s colors in India. What could be better than a soothing and refreshing Aam panna(mango juice), recommended by Roma Sharma. Do take a minute to read the funny story about unexpected guests in her kitchen as she shares the goodness of aam panna.


Mouth Freshener:

Muskaan sends this Gulkand Paan Mukhwas as a remedy for bad breath.

Use: For Adults and Children
Dosage: 1 Tsp after Food.


Priya shares this easy to make Orange Peel Facepack.

Who can use: Teen agers/Women who have oily skin or acnes
How to: Use a Tbsp of the powder with milk as a facepack

For oily skin and pimple marks, Priti suggests using chickpea flour and rose water facepack

Got the last piece of banana or papaya? Don’t want to eat it or waste it? Aparna can tell you how to get a glowing face using these fruits and cream.

Did you know that applying turmeric and honey on the face can reduce hair growth? This can be used for toddlers too. Aparna shares how on this post.

I guess that covers it all, from head to toe literally :) Just a request, though some of these remedies may work for some people, it may not be the case for all. We are not doctors, but we have shared some home remedies we have tried and which are useful. Do consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

I hope I have included all entries in the round up, if I have missed any, apologies in advance. Please let me know and I will update this post.

The next edition of Home Remedies will be hosted by Jagruti in May 2010.

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