Bulls Eye Gravy/Poached egg Masala

I like to make gravies with eggs and apart from making egg masala and egg korma, I also cook eggs in a gravy to make a quick side dish for a Jeera Rice or Peas Pulao or Chapatis. This is very easy to prepare compared to the korma and the ingredients needed to make korma.

Ingredients: (Serves-2)

Eggs- 4
Onions- Finely chopped- 1/2 cup
Ripe tomatoes- 3
Ginger Garlic Paste- 3/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Red Chili powder- 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala Powder- 1 tsp
Slit green chilies-2
Cilantro- few leaves
Green onions- few leaves (optional)
Oil- 1 tbsp


Finely chop the tomatoes or blend the tomatoes to get a thick puree.

Heat oil in a pan. Add ginger garlic paste and quickly saute for a minute till it turns light brown in color. Add onions, slit green chilies, salt and stir fry well. Add the chopped tomatoes, red chili powder, garam masala powder, turmeric powder and stir fry well for another 3-4 minutes.

Add about 2 cups of water, cover and let the gravy thicken(12-15 minutes). Once the gravy has reduced down, turn the heat to low-medium. Then :

Break open an egg into the gravy. Do not add beaten eggs or mix the eggs in the gravy, but assume you are directly breaking the egg into the gravy instead of the pan, almost like poaching in thick gravy instead of water. Do not stir or mix. The egg will thicken and start to cook by absorbing the flavors/water from the gravy. Do not mix the gravy when the egg is cooking in it.

When the first egg starts to thicken, slowly add the remaining eggs one by one in the same way. Let all of them cook through in the gravy(3-4 minutes). Switch off. Garnish with cilantro leaves and green onions.

Serve hot with chapatis, dosas or Peas rice.

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12 Comments to “Bulls Eye Gravy/Poached egg Masala”

  1. Jagruti says:

    Lovely and tasty dish…

  2. Rohini says:

    Wow.. I never made Egg curry this way, as I was not sure if it will turn out good.. After seeing your curry I am sooo tempted to make it… Will try it soon :)

  3. Cham says:

    When I am in dam hurry i do that, the egg is fully drunken and taste even better!

  4. indosungod says:

    Love this egg gravy. I did once but stirred the egg too soon and you know what happened, but it still tasted delicious.

  5. Priya says:

    I do often, our family’s favourite..Yea sis i won SK’s cookbook and waiting the book to post the click:)..

  6. Rupali says:

    nice recipe! poaching the egg is an interesting twist.

  7. simply.food says:

    Beautiful gravy looks spicy and hot.Nice dish.Please pick up award from my blog.

  8. Ruchika, there is an award for you in my blog, pleased get it :)

  9. i have never used egg this way in gravy,sounds good and quiet an interesting way to do it….yummy…

  10. THANKS for getting me ALL ‘EGG’ CITED……… finally……. Oh! lovely is that prep….. I sometimes make a full fledged Omelette for the gravy…… With all the ingredients that we usually use into it….. I love this prep a lot…I love it with piping hot rice or rotis & paratas……. I would try to prepare it this way…next…….. PLAINLY POACHED…… Hmmmm… My taste buds are already craving for the taste……


  11. yes i am posting it tommorrow along with a dish ….i dont have any pic of that…just the remedy will do no?

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