Coconut Cup Cakes

Since N travels a lot and we are vegetarians, it gives me a chance to share a lot of funny stories about food, particularly, airline food. When I accompany him on his tours, more than the joy of seeing a new place, I have the issue of preparing food for the travel. Usually I make tamarind rice or podi idli(both can stay fresh for atleast 2 days without using a fridge) for him to take for the journey. It sounds funny that at this age of freshly brewed coffee and to-go food options, I still make those old recipes.

But it was a life saver once- when N was on a non stop flight to Japan last year, though we had mentioned Vegetarian option, he was served Shrimp and chicken(as it is they offered food twice on the flight). And the only alternate options the crew had was a bag of peanuts and ice cream to munch for the 14 hour flight! Luckily I had made a pack of tamarind rice and he had that on the flight 😀

It helps a lot to have a sandwich or something in hand, given the flight delays and the options for vegetarians. If good food is served on the flight it is OK if the prepared food goes as a waste, but if nothing is there, then comes the trouble.

So many times N and I have munched on a plate of fruits (kiwi and honey dew melon to be exact), sadly looking at each other and watching others enjoy a hot and cheesey pepperoni pizza. That is a pathethic situation, you know?

I always make a point to pack something for our travels and if N has a early morning flight to catch, I make some fresh cupcakes or muffins for him to take.

These cupcakes are very simple, actually very basic recipe for cupcakes. You can alter it, add any flavors or colors or frosting and enjoy them. I made a basic batter and then baked two batches of cupcakes, one with cocoa and nuts and other with coconut.

Ingredients (Makes 12 cupcakes)

All purpose flour- 1 cup and another 1/4 cup
Baking powder -1/2 tsp
Butter- 1/2 stick (6 tbsp)
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Large eggs-2
Almond essence- 1/2 tsp
Coconut flakes- 1/4 cup
Milk- just to add if the batter is too thick
Cup cake liners- 12


Keep the eggs and butter at room temperature for atleast an hour before baking. Use self rising flour or add baking powder to the all purpose flour and mix the flours together.

Pre heat the oven to 365 F.

Beat the eggs in a bowl till fluffy using a hand mixer, then add butter into it and beat well again. Add sugar and flour, alternating them and mixing them and folding them into the eggs as you go along. Mix gently, not like the egg beating!

Add almond essence, coconut flakes and mix once. If you feel the batter is too thick, you can add 1-2 tbsp of milk to thin it out.

In a muffin pan, arrange the cupcake liners and scoop about 2 tbsp of batter and place it inside the cups. Do not fill the muffin pan till the brim, give some space for the cake to rise.

Bake in a 365 F oven for just 14-16 minutes, or till a fork inserted into the cake come out clean. Remove from the oven, let it cool for a couple of minutes and transfer the cupcakes on to a plate.

Serve with tea or enjoy them as a breakfast. These cupcakes(muffins) are starting their journey for Versatile Kitchen’s Bake off event.

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19 Comments to “Coconut Cup Cakes”

  1. Thanks for the wishes sowjanya…cup cake looks yum, i have never tried using coconut flakes for baking …must have been really good….what is that 2 different kind of cakes….one chocolate flavour is it

  2. SE says:

    lovely cupcakes…i can understand the plight of long distance travels..and all they give is peanuts sometimes…good to know the age old tradition of tamarind rice for travel is still relevant..even though the means has changed !! ha ha

  3. indosungod says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday I was in a grocery store and this lady was giving out samples of Uden soup. I had no idea what Uden was so checked if it had meat. She said it was vegetarian but only had fish cakes in it. I have no problem eating fish so it was ok but otherwise that would have been bad!

    Anyway these coconut cup cakes are indeed a deliciou carry option.

  4. sayantani says:

    everyone is making cup cakes or muffins and none can deny their enchanting appeal. perfect ruchika.

  5. Jyoti says:

    looks yummy..never used coconut..innovative.. cheers

  6. Namitha says:

    Wonderful cupcakes..who could resist both coconut and almond 😀

  7. Priya says:

    I can understand wat u mean, its kinda hard na that too while travelling..
    Cupcakes looks so cute and love that addition of coconut flakes..

  8. Cham says:

    I remember one of my next seat Indian veg passenger ended up eating only the bread roll and butter! I felt so bad for her and embarassing for me to eat non-veg! From that time, we only pre-order “veg Hindu meal ” .
    I never made with coconut but i love the flavor!
    Actually I have a post for u :)

  9. Champa says:

    Looks lovely. Would you like to send these to my event?

  10. Koki says:

    oh ya i have heard similar stories from my cousin who always ended up eating bowl of fruits in his flight journeys 😛

    Lovely cupcakes

  11. Jagruti says:

    Oh god don’t remind me those flight meals, no matter how many times you request veg food..still what you get non-veg..many times happend to us! So I end up taking some home made food too, don’t like it! muffins looks super yummy! BTW your name is Sowjanya? like it..

  12. Very yummy & adorable….. Coconut cup cakes would surely get anyone…nuts….. I simply love coconut in any sweets & savories……. I love them…… So would I crave for these delicacies made by you……


  13. Padma says:

    Nice cupcakes Sowjanya…. love coconut and this looks perfect. It happens to me too … being a vegetarian I suffer a lot while travelling, but always make sure to have something for myself as others at home eat chicken or fish :(

  14. Joanne says:

    whenever I cook for a group, as a general rule, I try to include more vegetarian food than non-vegetarian because meat eaters can always eat the veggies but the reverse isn’t true. Airlines need to get with the program!

    These cupcakes look delicious. they would make a long flight bearable.

  15. Thanks for letting me know sowjanya, will surely send it …

  16. Meena says:

    love the cupcakes…agree totally abt airline food…becomes even worse when one travels w/fussy kids and there is no food to suit their taste…will be back soon to check out other recipes on your awesome blog…

  17. Champa says:

    Got the entry. August is yours. Let me know what you decide on.

  18. Sashi says:

    Got to know ur name is Sowjanya now. Sorry if I have called u with wrong name. Cake looks soft !! and perfect for travelling too.

  19. esaiselvi says:

    Delicious cup cakes,looks great

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