Stove top Butter Naan

Naan or Naan bread as it is fondly called(which will not be included in the bread category back home) is a well known oven and tandoor recipe. Without a doubt, if you raid a bachelor’s fridge, the stacks of frozen naans will grin back at you. Of course, it is an easier option to just warm them up in the oven/broiler and serve with any gravies for a quick dinner instead of cooking.

It is not necessary to entirely bake the naan, as naan can also be made on a stove top. The naan dough is almost the same as a pizza dough, and if you happen to have some left over naan dough in the fridge, you can convert it to a pizza or vice versa. Yup, that ready made, refrigerated pizza dough can be made in to a naan in a few minutes.

The Naan I made has layers, just for fun, instead of the usual plain naan as I had nothing else to do 😉

Ingredients (Makes 9 Naans)

All purpose flour, self rising- 2 cups for naan and 2 tbsp (for dusting)
Melted Butter- 2 tbsp for naan making and couple of more dabs for spreading on the cooked naan
Milk- 2 tbsp
Salt- 3/4 to 1 tsp
Sugar-1 tsp
Yeast- 1 tsp
Warm water- for yeast- 1/4 cup
Plain water- for kneading


Dissolve the yeast in warm water, along with the salt and sugar. Whisk it well and add flour, milk and get a crumbly texture first, then add cold water and knead well without any lumps or sticky dough. Add butter and knead again, making sure that the butter coats the dough. Divide the dough into equal parts.

Cover this dough with a wet(not dripping wet) cloth and leave it aside for atleast 30 minutes to anywhere upto 4 hours at room temperature or up to 48 hours in a fridge.

What I did after about 30 minutes was to stretch each ball into a chapati shape dough, and then sliced them into long thin slices and kept the long wedges one on top of the other, brushing each layer with butter and rolled it up like a ball again. You can skip this if you want, it is not necessary to layer them.

When it is time to make the Naans, take one of the layered rolled up ball, dust it with some flour, and make them into naans of either square, round or triangle in shape, typically between a 6 -8″ diameter for a circle using a rolling pin to spread them.

Heat a flat frying pan/dosa pan and transfer the naan to the hot pan. Let it fluff up on one side, brush it with some butter, and turn it to the other side till reddish brown, even spots appear on both sides.

Alternatively, you can cook one side on the stove top, and then broil the other side for 1-2 minutes.

You can also sprinkle herbs, garlic, chopped nuts or onion seeds on top of the naan while it is cooking to make different types of Naan.

Serve the Naan with any gravy of your choice, we had it with Egg Sambal.

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  1. Wow wow wow Ruchika, I have bookmarked it and definitely trying it.

  2. Madhu says:

    I always make stove-top method, i like it better than oven baked one.
    Naan Looking good, Ruchika.

  3. Jyoti says:

    lovely recipe dear.. thanks for sharing.. cheers

  4. Smitha says:

    it truly looks yummy Ruchika…got to try it out :)

  5. swathi says:


    Stove butter nan looks awesome, i need to try this one.

  6. Nice post, i love naan esp butter garlic naan, will be yum with paneer….

  7. Joanne says:

    I think naan has to be one of my favorite breads. Ever. And I’m always looking for an authentic recipe. I’m going to have to try this one!

  8. Hmmm…. I delay my visit here…& everything looks changed….. But it looks really good & cool…. And I loved that naan prep as well…. Now somehow everything looks neat & tidy…in a place of its own kind…. Enjoy!!!! Hugs))))


  9. Miriam says:

    Hi Ruchika…i have never made Naan before n’ but recently came across a recipe for making them in the Oven…i have no luck with dough rising…i’m doing something wrong while kneading it…but you have made the recipe seem a little easier here…maybe one of these days i will try it…:)

  10. RedChillies says:

    I am yet to venture making naan at home. Good one. I like your new layout.

  11. Aparna says:

    Naan looks so good! I’m sure it will taste great with some spicy chicken curry!

  12. Priya says:

    Naan looks super prefect…wish i could get some rite now..

  13. Padma says:

    WOW Lovely naans..perfect with some spicy curries….. looks so perfect and loved your idea of layering…

  14. indosungod says:

    That is some fine naan Sowjanya. Naan has been in my to-do list for a long time.

  15. Padma says:

    Ofcourse will definitely send Sowjanya. Thanks for letting me know about. Did not look at it before, now will update the post and send it to you soon :)

  16. aqua says:

    Your naan looks perfect! Never tried making naans at home, you make it sound so super easy that it’s time I tried giving it a shot!

  17. notyet100 says:

    have tried this,,,ur version looks yum

  18. sayantani says:

    wow if you dint have mentioned I would have thought these were made in tandoor. perfect naan. will try if we get good quality yeast.

  19. says:

    Finally catching up with your blog.I love this naan recipe simple and easy to make I am going to try it out.Nice innovative way you have rolled the naan into layers.

    A suggestion would be usefull if you had a follow this blog widget so that I can get your blog in google reader.:)

  20. Raks says:

    Naan supera puff aayirukku! Hope u enjoyed a lot :)

  21. Cham says:

    I ve given a try yet with naan, looks perfect the stove top version!

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