My Legume Love Affair # 22 round up and winner announcement

As promised, here is the round up of My Legume Love Affair #22. I had a wonderful experience guest hosting this event and I’d like to thank Susan for giving me this opportunity.

I have arranged recipes from Appetizer’s to Desserts and so even if you have sent an entry earlier, you may find it at the appropriate section.

How to use this round up: The name of the dish(recipe) is linked to the blog which has the recipe, you can click on the name of the dish to be directed to the original recipe site.

Pick up a plate and join this round up, we have a tasty spread!

(Includes Salads, Soups, Snacks as well as Breakfast)

A quick and easy Green pea Sundal is from Nandini to start this section of recipes!

Divya Vikram made this crunchy mysore vadai to enjoy with a cup of hot chai, soon after the quake in CA last month.

Kunukku is a crispy snack made from lentil batter and makes a perfect snack or starter, sent from Switzerland by Rohini.

Chole Tikki is a tasty street food made with garbanzo beans and potatoes, Rohini Shares how easy it is to make at home!

This is a snack that is loved by South Indians to bits! Crispy and crunchy Thattais come straight from Zesty South Indian Kitchen in Houston.

Kachori’s catch everyone’s eyes when we visit a chaat shop, but Rachana has come up with a masoor dal kachori which looks tempting!

Enjoying a Sundal in the beaches of Chennai is relaxing way to spend an evening,Rohini remembers that with her version of Pasi Paruppu Sundal.

How about having a plate full of crunchy munchies? Jyothi sends us her Bhadang(with peanuts), a perfect quick evening snack.

Fried food is the crowd favorite, especially if it is served for tea. This idli-batter bonda has many fans (including me) and it can be made with left over batters too!

Fritters are a tempting snack and Silpa shares how to make these sweet corn and bean fritters

Nupur has made an tomato omelette without eggs and it’s got some butter on top to make it an excellent choice for breakfast or quick snack.

Those crispy vada’s with some sambar is a well know snack but how about some kabuli chana vada? Abbhirami shares one of her kabuli chana vada for us.

Some quick mince chapati with beans are from Priya Srinivasan, which can be a snack as well as a meal.

Preeti has sent a fiery fire roasted Vegetable and Lentil Soup.

Swapna has come up with a tasty combination of peas and sabudhana cutlet.

Dhokla is a much loved breakfast and Priya took it a level up by making spicy dhokla with bulgar!

A Spicy bean soup, called as the The Famous Senate Restaurant Bean Soup is from Christine.

Cool Lassi(e) has got some piping hot deep fried dal fritters as a perfect snack for the evenings.

Usha has a healthy Barley and Bean Soup for this event.

The much loved Falafel is from Rachna of Sizzle and Spice.

A Southwestern style Asparagus with black eyed pea soup is from Meena Krishnan of Dakshin.

Padma has a interesting way to include beetroot for kids, try her beetroot pakoda for a change from onion pakodas!

EC sends this healthy and quick chickpea and peanut salad

Mint always brings a hint of freshness and it goes without saying that this chickpea salad from Priya is flavorful and fresh due to the herbs added to it.

Some warm artichokes over a bed of salad with chick peas, how simple and satisfying meal it would be for a Dinner or Lunch? Janet shares her recipe for this Artichoke and Chickpea salad from taste space.

Suma made a raitha with moong dal sprouts and yogurt, making it light and refreshing.

Nithu Bala from NJ has a colorful salad with Oranges, Cauliflowers and Peas that is quite filling on its own!

Priya has sent a salad with sprouted moong beans.

Swapna’s easy to make Fenugreek Raitha which can be served as a side or as a dip.

Rupali shares a colorful and healthy Edamame, and Cannellini Bean Salad.

A quick and healthy Chickpea Salad is from Jyothi.

A Spicy onion chutney as a dip is from Nandini.

Main Dishes/Side Dishes:

When I have to cook with chickpeas, I go through the hazzle of soaking, boiling and then using it. But N’uria is so lucky that she gets them all fresh and ready to go at Sagrada Market. This Spanish recipe of Chickpeas, Spinach and Catalan blood sausage is directly from Barcelona, Spain.

A steaming hot cuppa rasam(soup) is my favorite with rice, and Lisa made a spicy version of rasam with lentils for a main course as well as a side.

Idli-Sambar or Dosa Sambar is the ultimate breakfast combination, but check out this vegetable sambar from Lisse, simply the best one to reach the five veggies a day goal!

Chilies and Beans. Need I say more? Madhu’s Pinto Beans with Ancho Chili Sauce is a meal on its own or a perfect accompaniment for any bread!

Kadala Curry is a mouth watering side dish, which goes well with rotis, rice noodles or rice. Shabitha Karthikeyan from TN shares her recipe for this delicious curry at My Home Kitchen.

Nathan from California makes dinner times easy by cooking a one pot wonder- “Guiso de Garbanzos Con Chorizo” (Cuban Chickpea, Sausage and Pork Pot), he also gives a ideas on how to make it the vegetarian way, just look at the flavor ingredients and you can’t resist.

Joanne has a colorful Nigerian Baked Beans with spiced carrots as her entry to this event.

Philadelphia is famous for it’s cheese steaks but I am sure there will be a competition for those steaks, soon, from Champa’s Versatile Kitchen. She sends a healthier version of khichdi(the comfort food of India) with black eyed beans.

A healthy Surti Papad Lilva Kurma is from the blogging sisters, Jaya and Harini which goes well with rotis.

Just across the border(for me, ofcourse) is the land of Tacos! This Mexican Veg bean Tacos are from Jyothi which can be filling, yet light.

How versatile can a rice cooker be? Tigerfish from California can teach us a trick or two, as he shows how mango chutney can be make in a rice cooker. But that is not our recipe for legumes, instead we have healthy,home grown Alfalfa sprouts.

Chickpea rice is quite common in Indian cuisine, but Usha from North Carolina has made a Thai inspired Chickpea curry.

Nayna from Simply Sensational Food has made a broad beans curry as a main dish/side dish for rice or rotis.

Nithu Bala from NJ has a flavorful mint and black chana pulav as our next entry.

Cool Lassi(e) has a Haitian Riz et Pois Rouges” (Red Beans and Rice) which is as colorful and flavorful as the name!

A Wholemeal pasta with beans and cabbage is from Speedy70 from Italy.

Soma shares her recipe for Tofu Stir fry with peanuts with stories and pictures from her travels.

Suma has a vegetarian version of Harira which is a good option for a Sunday Brunch!

Nithu has a simple and flavorful Peas Pulao for this event.

A Gujarathi style dal (served in weddings) is from Mansi.

Apu has a spicy version of dal with Jalapenos on top, aptly named as Hare tarke Wali Toor dal.

Sweatha has made a classic Ethiopian dish- the Mesir Wat( Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew) , which goes well with pita bread to rotis!

Bala has the recipe for the National Dish of Macedonia, the Tavce Gravce perfect for a dinner with some toasted bread!

Swapna from Florida shares the recipe for black eye peas stuffed paratha

Kiran has a two in one recipe, using chick peas and red radish rice and a salad!

BDSN from North Carolina sends this sprouted mung bean curry , a healthy side dish for rotis or chapatis.

Dal is flavorful and comfort food, but how about making it more tempting? Make this mint-dal as per Priya’s recipe and you’ll know!

Miriam Korula, who writes in Vogue at Home from Kingdom of Bahrain has made a black eyed peas with mushrooms curry

Cabbage is made versatile by Priya as she makes a Mouth watering, yet simple Cabbage Dal.

Visiting Nairobi can only happen during holidays but that is not the case with Nairobi food, Priya presents a curry with beans-called M’Baazi, Nairobi style!

Eggplants are so versatile and Indosungod from DC shares a recipe for eggplants with whole moong beans as a side dish.

Cabbage mingles with chick peas in Cabbage and chickpea dry curry by Jayasri.

Paneer and peas makes a wonderful combination and can be served with chapatis or rice and Jyothi shares the recipe for Chena Matar using these two ingredients.

Sambar is a favorite side dish either with idli/dosa or rice, suma takes it to another level with Kohlrabi sambar.

Black eyed peas with tomatoes can be a the quick and healthy side you were looking for. Champa shares her story of how the recipe was born with blackeyed peas and tomato sauce curry.

Red Chilies shares this recipe for multi bean curry with spinach which is good on its own, or with rotis or rice.

Madhu has made a korma with cabbage and chick peas, perfect with chapatis or even a meal on its own.

Priya presents an authentic Rajasthani recipe with her Peas-Paneer curry in a creamy sauce.

Usha has put together an interesting combination of curry with her Lentil and Spinach Curry(Dhal).

Lakshmi has made a colorful peas and cabbage curry, perfect to serve with rice or rotis.

LK from Singapore has a wonderful combination of spices, vegetables and lentils in her lentil curry and she shares information about the medicinal aspects of these ingredients too!

No one will decline this mouth watering, creamy mix of legumes in Kanchan’s Dal Makhni and she suggests serving it with Lacha Paratha.


Swathi from Houston has made a payasam with chana dal to finish off this delicious buffet with a sweet note.

Peanut Halwa is an entry from a new blogger Gayathri, and she starts off with competing in events with this dessert!

I did a double take on the recipe title when I received this entry from Umm Razeen. Usually kheer is a sweet dish made with rice but Umm Razeen has made a kheer with rajma (kidney beans)

How about some Coconut azuki and agar agar from Lakshmi to try as a dessert for a change?

Last but not the least,
Susan’s Vegan Dubu Kimchi

My entry for the event, Slow cooker BiseBela Bath

I hope I have included all the entries I received so far, if I have missed any, apologies in advance. Let me know and I will update it asap.

And finally, the exciting part of the MLLA. Who is the winner for this month?

I used random method and the winning entry was from Champa for her khichdi with black eyed beans. Congratulations!

Susan will contact you soon through email Champa.

Thank you all for participating and making this event a success. The next edition of MLLA is at Susan’s and runs till May 31, 2010. You can get more details here.

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