Pesarattu Dosa

One of the quick but healthy options for breakfast during weekends or as a weeknight dinner option is pesarattu dosa. The simplicity of this dosa is that there is no need to soak and grind rice or wait for the batter to ferment.

This protein packed dosa is a good way to start the day than running without breakfast 😉

Ingredients (Makes about 9 dosas)

Green gram (Moong dal)- 1 cup
Rice flour – 1 tbsp (optional)
Red chilies- 2
Ginger(optional)- 1/2″ piece
Salt- 1 tsp
Oil/Ghee- for the dosas- 2 tsp


Wash and soak the whole moong dal in water for 6-8 hours (or overnight).

The next morning, drain all the water from the dal, transfer it to a blender along with red chilies, ginger and grind to a smooth paste. Just before switching off the blender, add the rice flour and salt and give one final mix.

Transfer the batter to a bowl.

Heat a tava/non stick pan and pour a ladleful of the batter and spread it thinly. Apply some oil on the sides of the dosa and let it cook. When one side of the dosa is golden brown in color, flip the dosa and let it cook on the other side.

Serve the pesarattu dosas with chutney or idli chutney powder! Instead of the usual golden brown color, these dosas will be greenish-golden brown in color and crispy! You can also make stuffed pesatattus by serving upmas as a filling!

This dosa is off to Siri’s MLLA-25, an event started by Susan.

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13 Comments to “Pesarattu Dosa”

  1. indosungod says:

    Sowjanya, glad to see you back in the blogging mode. Hope you are doing well.
    I add the ginger which I think should be a required ingredient 😉

  2. Priya says:

    Healthy dosa packed with proteins, looks fantastic Sis..

  3. bergamot says:

    The pesarattu looks good. Happens to be one of my daughter’s favourite tiffin item.

  4. My fav dosa,luks perfect…

  5. Sayantani says:

    glad to have you back dear. the pesarattu looks fab and now that I have started making them at home I know how much tasty they are. i mostly eat with this with coconut chutney. please also share the podi recipe.

  6. PS says:

    a very healthy dosa, surely a good one to start a day..

  7. Suman Singh says:

    first time here..loving all the dishes on your blog…dosa looks healthy and delicious…

  8. I love the way the chutney powder is served…. Very tempting prep….. Healthy too…. :)


  9. kris says:

    yum, I adore dosa!

  10. Pari says:

    Welcome back dear. This is my Dad’s favorite.

  11. Joanne says:

    yay! i’m glad you’re back. I missed you chica! Hope you had a fun vacation.

    these dosa look seriously tasty!

  12. Usha says:

    Looks inviting !

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