Announcing Event: Baking from a Book

I remember the time when I was a little girl pestering my mom to bake cookies and cakes when we did not have an oven. She somehow managed to do so with her tava and cooker turned in to a baking dish! But given the kitchens we have now with built in ovens we all love baking and posting about it don’t we?

In the past few months whenever I want to bake something new or even bake a bread, instead of running over to food network website, I hop to Champa’s blog. You need recipes for no knead breads? She’s got it! Vegan cakes?? Sure! How about cake decorating? Yup, you can find that too, with step by step instruction. So Versatile is her Kitchen, I could only say yes when asked to host the event, baking from a book this month!

The rules:

Bake anything, I mean anything but it has to be from a book. That includes breakfast(cereals, breads, muffins) to pizzas to Naans to Italian (Eggplant Parm/ Baked Pasta/Bisctotti) to Cakes to everyone’s favorites- cookies.

Think about it, any recipe that you saw in a book that you tried successfully for your loved ones? Surprised hubby or daughter? Any recipe that you saw in a book but never had the chance to bake? Or your baking attempt was a disaster but you fixed it on your own the next time and feel proud about it? Great- Then share the story with me :)

The Baking From a Book event runs from today, August 16th to September 16th.

All entries(multiple entries welcome) must include a link to this announcement page as well as champas’s blog along with source of the recipe( feel free to write more about the book if you want to as well)

Once you have posted the recipe, send me a email to with your

Recipe URL:
Name of the recipe:
Recipe Inspired from which book:
Picture of the recipe:

Non bloggers are welcome to participate too, you can send the details to

Use of the logo is appreciated.

Round up will be posted by within a week after the end date, before the end of September.

Any questions, you can contact me at the email or leave a comment.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the library or dig in to your recipe collections and lets get baking!

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7 Comments to “Announcing Event: Baking from a Book”

  1. champa says:

    Sounds good. Good luck with this event. I will be posting soon with your first entry.

  2. sayantani says:

    great event announcement dear. love to bake n will try to contribute.

  3. Great event Ruchika, will surely try to participate, this way, I will be inspired to cook something :)

  4. Hey! Longggg timeeee….how are you?

    A great event, will send you my entry!

  5. Suman Singh says:

    great event..will send you my entry..happy hosting!

  6. Pavani says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the event. Will send you my entries very soon.

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