Dosa (Indian Crepes)

Crispy, crunchy dosas served with variety of chutneys and sambar and stuffed with potato masala. That would be heaven. And a dream come true if some one can make dosas for me for a change while I can sit down and savor every piece of it..

Dosa is a common south indian breakfast dish and it is never boring and can also double up for dinner menu. Almost every south indian household will have the dosa/idli batter made once a week,if not more. It takes a few minutes to cook up a dozen dosas and can be handy to be turned into uthapams, kuzhi paniyarams, bajji batter etc.,

Grinding the dosa batter is similar to that of idli batter  from my previous post about idli and can be found here.

I follow a couple of tips to make crispy dosas. Instead of adding more urad dhal, I add more rice if I want dosa batter. For spongy idlis I add more urad dhal. Another thing I use is to smear the dosas with a mixture of sunflower oil/ghee before turning and that gives dosas a golden brown color.


Dosa batter- 1 cup

Oil/ghee- 2 tsp


Heat a flat bottom non stick pan. Wait for a minute or two for the pan to get evenly hot. Spread a ladle full of the dosa batter on the pan and with quick circular motion, spread the batter into a large, thin, round shape.

Pour 1/2 tsp of oil/ghee mixture around the edges of dosa. When you can see golden brown spots(after two minutes), turn it on the other side and let it crisp up. Roll the dosa and serve hot with idli powders, chutneys or sambar.

I also like the new combination of dosa with egg kurma we try at home now a days and thats a killer combination too. If you are looking for something different from the normal side dishes for dosa, you can also try Kadappa, a kumbakonam speciality.

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  1. […] Coming to the food part of it, each temple had is special food offered to god and then given to devotees. If it was Iyengar temples, there was this amazing puliyamsadam(Tamarind rice) and in Shiva temples it would be Samba Rice and gothsu. And by going on the temple tour, I had the chance to taste one dish made of potatoes and quite often I would forget the name of the delicacy and will pester my mom to make it when were are back home from the trip to make it with Dosas. […]

  2. Ashley says:

    I’ve never made dosas before! But they sound delicious. Thanks for the great instructions. I’ll have to try them!

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