Baby Story: Mirror mirror on the wall…

It has to get worse before it gets better….Nope, nothing to worry about, I was just referring to the sleep deprivation :). When I wrote about the part I of the baby story, I thought of writing a lot for part II, but when even checking mails was like a luxury I just stopped blogging for a while. I did have choices, yes- given the option of a 20 minute cat nap with junior or 20 minutes quick update of my blog baby, I chose the option 1 with my precious little Peach!

So, going right back to activities we did for R as he crossed months 2,3 and 4 are here today and will be updated for the next couple of days.


Babies like looking at themselves a lot. We found this on week 1 itself ,as Junior was trying to catch a glimpse of himself whenever we gave him a bath. He would just look at our wall length mirror and by the end of first month he was smiling at himself. So we decided to add a mirror to his activity corner, bought a full length mirror from IKEA(costs around $10) and just installed it horizontally, instead of the usual vertical version. It also helped us to make him turn from side to side, as he would turn to the side where he can see the mirror. Practicing in front of the mirror was also a fun and learning experience for him.

My only request to reader’s trying to install a mirror for their infant would be to make sure that there is someone to monitor the movements of the baby, as there are chances of the baby rolling and hitting the mirror, when the baby starts to move. The mirror has to be close to the floor level where the baby can make an eye contact, so please install it carefully.

Later,as he started turning on his stomach, the mirror helped us in his tummy times too. He had an object to focus on and stayed on the tummy for sometime before rolling again! We are hoping that it would help him when he sits up too.

As you can see, I have added the mirror below the images we already had on the wall, which is his activity corner. You can also add another mirror instead of the images or paste the images on the second mirror. Since my living room and kitchen are combined, double mirrors were useful too. Little R could see my reflection(working in the kitchen) and I could see what he was up to(rather where he was in the living room) from his reflection in the mirror from the kitchen itself.

I was thinking of using this post as a discussion as well. Has anybody done anything similar? I would love to learn more and update the post with your thoughts too!

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3 Comments to “Baby Story: Mirror mirror on the wall…”

  1. Wow Sowji, that is superb, I just used to take my son to our bathroom mirror, lol :)

  2. sayantani says:

    am late but still ‘Welcome back dear’ and lots of love to lil one.

  3. Welcome back Ruchika..lovely writeup..I am really happy seeing u back…time flies so quickly its amazing to know ur little one is already 6 mnths now. Amit is fine doing good can see him being more naughty as he grow(but just love to c it)…keep me updated and lots of love to ur little one:)

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