Toddler Yogurt Blends

Yogurt is very healthy and can be introduced to babies after 6-7 months. Here in the US, though we are told not to feed the baby cow’s milk till one year old,the pediatrician recommends giving yogurt after 6 months of age. Since I make yogurt at home, I started giving R yogurt made with low fat milk and then with 2% milk.

When I first started yogurt for lil R, I gave just one teaspoon(1/2 tsp water with 1/2 tsp yogurt) to see if he likes the taste. Then I moved on to giving idlis with yogurt,rice with yogurt and then made yogurt blends as a snack/meal. This is a tasty and indirect way to introduce many fruits too!

Thick Yogurt- 1/4 cup (Or 3-4 tbsp will be sufficient)
Apple- 1/4 of an apple(one slice is enough)
Salt- a dash


I usually pressure cook the finely chopped apple after removing the seed,core and the skin(just like how we make apple sauce). Then I mash the apple with a spoon.

Strain the yogurt with a cheese cloth or a fine filter(so that the yogurt is thick and not runny). I do not add the yogurt till I am about to give R his food as it will make the apple sauce thin.

When you are ready to feed, mix the thick yogurt with the apple sauce, add a dash of salt, mix well and feed your toddler!

Other options for fruit blends are:
Peaches(Peel the skin and cook) and mix with yogurt
Pears(Peel the skin,remove the core,cook) and mix with yogurt
Berries like Strawberries and blueberries(cooking is not required)
Banana(cooking is not required)

Check with your pediatrician and if you like you can also add a dash of honey to the blend! Gives it a new taste and at this age, toddlers love to taste new flavors and foods.

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11 Comments to “Toddler Yogurt Blends”

  1. Very nice post…and yogurt with apples are so nutritious for babies:)

  2. Reva says:

    Incredible yogurt meal for toddlers who are particularly difficult to fed..:)

  3. Priya says:

    Been ages i prepared these sorts of yogurts blends, seems lil one is enjoying thoroughly all these beautiful desserts..

  4. wow, that is a wonderful idea !!! I got to try it as my little one loves yogurt blends.

  5. Chandrani says:

    Very nice and healthy post..

  6. Cham says:

    I haven’t given any milk based until he turns one. But when i introduced milk he liked more cow milk than the tin :) This one looks cool for toddler!
    So did you celebrate Karthigai Deepam?

  7. Kalyan says:

    That’s a nice easy and healthy recipe for the kiddies!

  8. NiVi says:

    yummy dish for kids ruchika !!!

  9. Anzz says:

    A very important and helpful post for young mothers. :)We have completed 1 year of blogging. I would like to thank you for ur support and lovely comments. Thanx for being a part of anzzcafe.

  10. Rachana says:

    A helpful post!

    Wishing you a very Happy and Successful 2012 :-)

  11. sayantani says:

    very nutritious. I have started giving him yogurt smoothie with different fruits and he loves it.

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