The copy cat chain

Yes, I have been missing from the blogging scene for sometime, reasons and recipes will follow soon :)

But now- for some flashback. I had a chance to talk to Nithu last year when I posted about my recipe pictures copied and published by kumudam snegithi without giving us the credit. I did get feedback from fellow bloggers whose recipes and pictures were copied too.

We thought this would stop but again yesterday one of bloggers we know posted about her recipe published in kumudam snegithi without giving her the credit.

That was when we thought of writing a post about it and requesting fellow bloggers to make it a chain post. If you have been one of the victims of your recipes copied by any magazine, please join in. You can link to this post and Nithu’s and write about your experience with the publishers are so perfect in plagiarism! Only when you link we will know how many are affected by this.

My original post about the recipe that was copied:

One of the leading magazines in Tamilnadu-Kumudam Snegithi(meaning Friends) had a tip about cooking Bittergourd and I felt that the picture looked quiet familiar. What do you know, after all it was “borrowed” from my blog without even asking me, and I was wondering where my copyright declaration went to which is written straight across the photo. (Issue dated August 16-31, page 58)

The original photo link from my blog is here.

Please join in! Think about it, we create,cook, take pictures, add memories and write about it and someone copying it all- Do you agree with their professional behavior?

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  1. Priya says:

    Omg, dunno when they gonna stop all these, really irritating.

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