Mango Channa Pickle(Avakkai with channa)

Continuing with the summer specials- mom makes mango avakkai,thokku, mavadu etc., But this is a recipe that we tried one summer when “Arusuvai Arasu” Natarajan shared it in a magazine(vikadan I guess). It came out so well that we started making avakkai just like this recipe year after year. The instructions are so simple, you just have to remember to use clean dry utensils and you cannot go wrong.

I made it with one mango(started the process on Monday, so it will take 5 days for it to soak and get to the correct consistency and texture) but the original recipe is for 12 mangoes. I have given the original recipe ingredients and you can adjust it according to your requirements.

Ingredients for 12 mangoes:

Firm green mangoes- 12
Coarsely powdered dry chilies- 1/4 kg
Finely powdered mustard seeds(black)- 100 g
Turmeric powder- 50 g
Asafoetida- 50 g
Channa(dry)- 200 g
Salt(salt crystals)- 100 g
Gingerly oil- 250 ml.


I keep repeating to myself whenever I make pickles:
Use only a dry wooden spoon to mix and scoop the pickles. Use dry blender to blend each ingredient. Use good quality ingredients.

Channa in this recipe is the dried garbanzo beans, not the cooked one. When you use the dry channa and let the pickle soak in the oil, you can see that the channa will get into the cooked consistency after 4-5 days.

Wash the mango and pat it dry with a clean cotton cloth. Cut it into equal shapes and let it air dry inside the house(not in the sun).

Pour the gingerly oil in a bowl and keep it in the sunlight for atleast half a day to warm the oil(I cover it with a netted sieve to prevent any dust from settling in, if you use a full lid then water will settle in and there is no use in making pickle with that oil)

In a dry pickle jar or a glass bowl or a glass jar:

Layer the mango pieces and dry channa. Add salt on top of it, followed by turmeric powder, mustard seed powder,asafoetida and chili powder made from whole dry chilies. Do not mix.

Pour the warm gingerly oil on top. Cover the mouth of the pickle jar or bowl with a clean cotton cloth. Place the lid on top. Leave it as it is.

Gently mix the pickle the next day. Keep mixing it once a day for atleast another 4-5 days till you can see the oil floating on top and the mangoes looking like a pickled mango(???)- the best indication that the pickle is ready to use is the channa getting to a cooked consistency and will be soft to the touch.

Store the pickle in a clean jar with a lid and use only a dry wooden spoon to serve the pickle. Enjoy this pickle with parathas, yogurt rice,pongal, khichdi or molagootal!

This is one recipe that is a keeper! Tastes amazing and the color looks gorgeous.

Want to know how the final product looks like? Visit this place on Friday and you can see the pickle ready to use, till then I will be updating pics every day! Already N has been giving the pickle jar tempting looks and has been saying ,”hmmm…smells great”!!

Day 1(Today) -A day after mixing all ingredients;

After it soaked well in the oil and ready to use:

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  1. faseela says:

    yummy n mouthwatering pickle….

  2. Priya says:

    Adding channa sounds truly interesting.

  3. Cham says:

    Channa is key to ensure the pickle is ready! never seen anywhere- very simple and delicious.

  4. maha says:

    wow..wat an awesum it

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