Quick Brown rice BBB and baby language development classes

Looking at the regular South Indian dishes it is mostly associated with rice in one way or the other- idli, dosa, adai, sevai(rice noodles), pongal, rice upma, variety rice dishes etc., Though eating white rice is delicious, we forget about the risks of diabetes when we indulge it. Having grown up consuming it, it is rather tough to stop cooking with white rice too.

After reading a post from Madhuram I switched over to making variety rices with brown rice. I feel that the flavors mix well with brown rice in those dishes and it sort of masks that it is made with brown rice if you are not too fond of cooking with it. But I have not yet tried making brown rice as a substitute for regular rice for rasam/sambar. Better options for brown rice are in khichdis, bise bele bhaths and using it instead of regular rice in adai or dosa batter.

You may find that brown rice BBB is a bit chewy than regular rice BBB but this is really filling and you won’t feel the need for a late afternoon snack if you have this BBB for lunch.

I have made brown rice BBB with long grain rice and with brown basmati. Long grain takes about 5 whistles in the cooker to cook through but basmati is much easier to use.

The rest is the same recipe, use 1-2 cups of mixed vegetables, 3/4 cup rice, 3/4 cup lentils and regular, usual Bise bele bhath powder, add water and cook like regular method for BBB. Madhuram’s recipe is here and my recipe for this bise bela bhath in slowcooker/cooker is here.

For the baby sign language part, I have received emails asking me if I know about places that teach these signs. In Houston it is taught at Motherhood center. This is only for babies who can hear. This place also teaches various classes for parents- from pregnancy/birthing classes to teaching the art of Infant massage to these sign language classes, and also they have a special session called watch me grow. You can also read through their website and incorporate your ideas if you live in a different state.

The appropriate links are:

Parenting: http://www.motherhoodcenter.com/parenting/

Children’s classes: http://www.motherhoodcenter.com/children-s-classes/

There is another useful website called Aid to life, which is operated by the North American Montessori Teacher Association. They have a beautiful way of putting together articles and materials that are age appropriate(12,14,18 months, 2 years, 3 years) in categories like communication, self discipline, movement, Independence(dressing up, doing chores on their own).

The link for communication is this one, you can hop onto their other pages though this : http://aidtolife.org/communication/communication.htm

As you may notice, this is an ad free blog and I am not associated with any of these places. I just share information I know and have found to be useful. Hope this helps!

See you soon with our activities with shapes and colors!

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  1. indosungod says:

    Brown rice is great when it is dressed like in a fried rice, or this BBB or even lemon rice.

  2. Priya says:

    Fantastic BBB,drooling here.

  3. Rachana says:

    Brown rice is healthy and is great when we make like, BBB or combine it with some veggies and bake it with some cheese… countless options :-)

    How are you doing? I am trying to get regular with the blog world now…

  4. Shivani says:

    I find your many articles quite interesting. We will soon be moving to Houstan….precisely BCM. Can you please tell me how much a daycare there cost. My son is 4y

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