What’s cooking?

Nothing much really, that is why I did not post anything for sometime. Our schedule changed a lot too, my son goes to full time school now, I also got some work to keep me occupied and so blogging took the last of my to do lists.

Adjusting to the new schedules, making it to school and work on time was the top priority for the first few weeks. I did try some new recipes for work pot lucks which I will post in the next few days.

One of the restaurants we have been visiting a lot as a family is the Maharaja Bhog restaurant in Houston. This is an elaborate Gujarati/Rajasthani/North Indian vegetarian thali place. The food is served as a sit down meal and though R just loves to taste a little bit of this and that from my plate, his favorite activity is to play with the huge thali itself! The other part that attracts us to this place is their veg meal boxes to go! Try it out if you are in Houston!

I also wanted to share couple of activities I have been doing with R at home these days. Now that he talks and can point and name things he sees, I thought it is a good time to buy some crayons/paint/chalk for him(all are washable of course). His favorite thing to draw is the wheel(boys, huh?) or just a line or two with a circle and he calls it a car!

While we do some gardening or chilling out in the garden, we give him the chalk to draw on the pathway. Indoors he draws on chart paper with crayons. I also try to make prints with washable paint. I also give him a big stainless steel plate filled with either dry beans/rice/any kind of flour so even as I cook in the kitchen, he sits near by and makes some patterns with the beans or rice. This is also easy as he can bring the beans/rice together again in the plate and make any shape he likes the next minute.

See you all soon with some new recipes.

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  1. Priya says:

    Wow enjoy each and every moments, so the small artist keeps you busy na..Take care of him Sis.

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