Mint Peas Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Recently hubby and I were invited to a pot luck dinner party with friends. I was thinking about sticking to dishes I know how to prepare that would taste light and flavorful. I wanted to make some Indian rice items to take along but I didnt want to spend two hours making biriyani which could be heavy, or making gravies and transporting it or turn up with a salad. Instead I thought of putting together two well-known dishes. Potato stuffed capsicum(bell peppers) is my hubby’s favorite side dish. A flavorful mint and cilantro rice is my favorite rice dish to make on the go. So I made mint rice and stuffed it inside the peppers. I must say it looked colorful and fresh, tasted light and filling and it was something so simple and something so new!! Since most of hubby’s friends are bachelors and into fitness and gymming, they liked the taste and ease of preparation.

Ingredients (for stuffing 6 peppers)
Basmati rice- 1.5 cups
Water- 3 cups
Mint Leaves- 1 bunch
Cilantro Leaves- 1/2 bunch
Peas -1/4 cup (Frozen, thawed peas)
Black Pepper Powder- 1/2 tsp
White Pepper Powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt- 1 tsp
Lemon Juice- 1 tsp
Bay Leaf- 2
Butter- 1 tbsp
Cumin Seeds- 1 tsp
Red/Yellow Peppers- 6

Wash Basmati rice once and soak rice in water(with water on top for 10-15 minutes).

In the mean time, clean and wash cilantro and mint bunches. Remove woody parts and chop the leaves finely.

In a frying pan add butter and let it melt. Add cumin seeds and when they splutter add bayleaf.

Drain the water from the rice completely and add it to the frying pan and fry well till the sizzling sound disappears(rice gives off water) or about 2-3 minutes.

Remove from stove, transfer the contents to a vessel, add 3 cups water, salt, pepper powders,Peas, mint and cilantro leaves and pressure cook like normal rice.

Wash and pat dry the peppers. With a spoon scoop out the insides,making sure that leave the bottom part of the pepper is untouched. Remove all seeds. Wash the insides again and line them on their bases on a tray.

Once cooled, fluff up the rice with a fork, add lemon juice to the rice and stuff it inside peppers.

I completed till this part at home and then transported the peppers in a baking tray(wrapped them completely in foil) to our friend’s house and lightly baked it at 350 F for a few minutes(10 minutes) till peppers were slightly soft. When baking is done,serve the cups hot with raitha or salads. If you dont want to bake, you can also serve it as rice in fancy cups to kids and hide some finely chopped veggies in it too!!. No clean ups!!
I choose red and yellow peppers as they are slightly sweet and not so peppery like the green capsicum.

I am sending this mint peas rice stuffed bell peppers to the EFM Variety rice series running from November 15 2009 to December 15 2009, hosted by Srilekha.

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