Tamilnadu Recipes

Tamilnadu is in South India and that is where I grew up. My parents still live in Tamilnadu. Capital of the state is Madras (or Chennai), home of the famous poppadams and madras curry powder. Language spoken in Tamilnadu is Tamil.

The history of Tamilnadu is so rich in culture and heritage that we have saying,” Tamilnadu , the people and the language were there even before stones or sand”!!

Tamilnadu is famous for its temples with beautiful art and architecture. Bharathnatyam is the well known form of dance from Tamilnadu.

The food is not the same through out the state but varies according to the community that lives in each district/region. Iyer/ Iyengar /Chettinad/ Madurai style cooking are some well known varieties.


Home made sambhar powder


Breakfast Recipes:

Spicy onion and chili omelette

Idli with Onion Chutney– Steamed rice cakes

14 Idli with Sambhar– Steamed mini rice cakes

Dosa– Indian Savory Crepes

Pongal– Rice with Lentils and pepper

Arisi Upma– Broken rice pudding with coconut


Lunch Recipes:

Lemon Tomato Rasam–Rasam in a Eiya Sombu (Lead Vessel)

Garlic Rasam

Quick 10 minute rasam without dal:

Karakozhambu with omelette chops:

Arachu Vitta Sambar Lentils and vegetables in tamarind sauce

Ennai kathirikkai Kari (Stuffed Eggplants with spices)

MoreKootu (Yogurt with chili-coconut paste)

MoreKozhambu With Parupusili

Banana Flower Kootu (Dal)

Keerai Kootu (Spinach Dal)

Appalam Vathakozhambu (Pappad- Tamarind-Curry)

Onion Vathakozhambu

Manathakkali Vathakozhambu

Saravana Bhavan Style Vathakozhambu

Tanjore Special Dish: Thengai Paal Kozhambu(Coconut milk Kozhambu)

Chettinad Special Dishes:

Kosamalli– Eggplants and potato in tamarind gravy

30 minute Cooker Biryani

Lunch/Dinner Options

Kumbakonam Kadappa (Side dish for Dosa, Idli or poori)

South Indian Thali -The traditional Tamilnadu meal


Coconut Milk Pulao with Tomato Korma

Upma Kozhukattai (Savory Rice Cakes)

Pitlai (Eggplant in Tamarind sauce)

Vadaikari/Parupurundai kara kozhambu: (Served with idlis or dosas)

Kathrikkai Kothsu(Eggplants with onions and tamarind)


Kothu Parotta Paratha chunks stir fried with vegetables

Quick Pickles:

Kara Mangai/Mangai Kari/Quick mango pickle(Cut mango pickle)


Puli Milagai Pachadi( Ginger, Tamarind and Chili pickle)

Mango Avakkai Pickle (Mango with channa-arusuvai arasu recipe)

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