Karnataka Specials

Karnataka is a state in South India, where Kannada is the spoken language. The garden city Bangalore and Mysore are in this state. There are many coffee plantations in Karnataka as well as temples, hills, scenic gardens and the Mysore Palace.

Breakfast Recipes:

Ragi Mudde- Millet flour balls

Brown Rice Rottis(patties)- Akki rotti

Kharabath- Cream of wheat pudding

Carrot Kharabath

Home made Rava Idli- Cream of wheat steamed cakes

Kadubu Idlis- Tower rice cakes

Lunch Options:

Lemon rice- Chitrannam

Bise Bela Bhath (Vegetables with rice and lentils-one pot)


Vegetable stuffed buns (Vegetables in a eggless savory bun- like Khara buns

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  1. Malini says:

    It is a very good blog, I am new to this. I will try kadubu.

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