My Indian Kitchen

Featured in this section are some of the spices I use on a everyday basis and some traditional Indian vessels used for cooking specific recipes. I will keep updating this list as I get ingredients I need, do check back for updates.

Some common spice names in English:

Venthayam- Fenugreek
Sombu- Aniseed
Pattai- Cinnamon Sticks
Kothamalli- Corriander seeds
Jeera- Cumin
Perum Seeragam(Sombu)- Fennel
Maida- Plain flour or all purpose flour
Rava- Semolina or Cream of Wheat
Tuvaram Paruppu- Tuvar Dhal
Kadalai Paruppu- Chana Dhal
Ullutham Paruppu- Urad Dhal
Kasakasa- Poppy seeds
Avval- Rice flakes
Ommam- Thyme
Kalkandu- Sugar Candy
Ellu- Sesame Seeds
Kadugu- Mustard seeds
Manjal- Turmeric powder
Red Chilli Powder- Paprika Powder
Ellakai- Cardamom pods
Brinji Illai- Bay Leaf

Vegetables and Herbs:

Kathrikkai- Eggplant or Augubines
Vendaikai- Okra
Pusanikai/ Elavan- Pumpkin
Keerai- Greens or Spinach
Kothavarangai- Cluster Beans
Kothamalli- Cilantro leaves
Karuvepillai- Curry Leaves
Pudina- Mint Leaves
Pudalangai- Snake Gourd
Avarakkai- Broad Beans
Chow Chow- Chayote Squash
Kovakkai- Tindoora or Ivy gourd
Tulsi- Basil


Ladles for pouring Rasam or Sambhar:

Long and curved spoons for pickles and spice powders:

Cookie dough presser:

Idli Plates:

Clay pot for Biryani:

Bronze vessel for Puddings:

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