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14 Idli and more for a soccer mom

Friday, January 8th, 2010

14 idlis/ Mini Idlis:

I wanted to move away from my comfort zone of Idlis and post about other recipes but the flu I had last week(year????) and the weather made me to crawl back to idli. We call it kutti idlis (small idlis) and the 14 idli is a term made famous by saravana bhavan hotel chain in Madras. These idlis are similar to the usual idlis in batter, but the presentation is what matters. The idli plate is also different, instead of the usual 4 idli holders, the mini ones have almost 20 mini idli moulds in a plate.

Instead of serving idli with chutneys, these 14 idlis are soaked(I mean literally soaked) in bowls and bowls of sambar. The idli absorbs the flavors of the sambar and becomes almost double in size but becoming soft and tender in the process. If you put one idli in to the mouth, it just slides down like butter, warming you up. This is almost a mini-meal or even a snack during tea time.

Ingredients: (Makes about 30 mini idlis)

For Idli:

Urad Dal- 1/2 cup
Idli rice- 1.25 cups
Usual cooking rice- 1 handful
Salt- 1 tsp

For garnishing:

Coriander leaves- 2 tbsp
Ghee- one tsp

Other Ingredients:
Onion sambar- 3 cups


Grinding for idli and the procedure for making idlis can be found from my previous post here or even below this post. But for 14 idlis you have to use the small idli plate with lots of idli moulds. If not, you can also use small cups instead of idli plates and make idlis as usual.

Idlis goes well with onion sambar and a typical arachu vitta sambar recipe can be found here. Just make sure that you have made extra sambar if making 14 idlis.


Place the 14 idlis (or more) in a soup bowl or a wide bowl (bowls or cups are better than plates). Pour some sambar generously over the idlis. Wait for a minute or so, the idlis will quickly absorb the sambar, pour some more sambar till idlis are floating in sambar. Let it sit for 10 minutes to absorb even more flavors. Just before serving pour one ladle of hot sambar on top, garnish with coriander leaves and add a dollop of ghee on top. Enjoy!

But wait, there is more, my idli is not posted here just because of my flu, but also because of this repost special hosted by desi soccer mom.

As you can see , obviously idli was one of my first posts, and as you can guess correctly, I didn’t get many comments for it. Given the number of idlis I must have consumed over the few years,I am sure sambar runs in my veins than anything else :)

When I first posted about idli, I thought every one will know how to make idli as there are a lot of blogs on making idlis (To be honest, after seeing a few blogs, I thought of quitting even before starting). My idli post was as simple as it can get. Soak the ingredients, grind, ferment, make idlis- finished.

Well, if only it is as simple as it sounds in reality. Heaven knows how tough it is to get the batter to ferment in winter, resulting in tough stone like idlis, which will lead to a couple of jokes by N for the following days.

But then, a few days later posting, I started getting views based on searches for soft idlis, fluffy idlis, grinding idli ¬†batter in mixie and so on..And I started amending the post more, giving tips and adding photos. Finally, after sharing all the expert knowledge I had about idlis and still no comments, one fine day, I saw a comment, ” I completely agree with you and appreciate for sharing this”. My joy knew no bounds, I hurriedly ran to my space to publish it, to let the world know that atleast I have one person who likes it. But, the joy was limited as it was not from a genuine reader :(.. It was an automatic message from some server.

(Point to note: It still has no comments, even today and I am waiting)

If I read  my updated post on my first ever idli, it is more confusing than sounding easy and simple :)
Here it is, and desi soccer mom, thanks so much for hosting this event, and just out of that gratitude, I assure you I will keep visiting your space and will keep filling up your comment corner :)

Here is the original post IDLI.