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Fruit/Veggie a Month Roundup(Pumpkins)

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Here is the delicious round up of the Fruit/Veggie a Month event where the star vegetable was Pumpkin. From snacks to gravies to parathas my blogger friends sent me versatile entries to showcase this vegetable in the spotlight. Dig in!!

Shoba’s Pumpkin Curry:

Priya’s Pumpkin Lacha Parathas

Archana’s Pumpkin-Paneer-Mint Parathas

Archana’s Pumpkin- Stir fry:

Smitha’s Karnataka Style kumbalakayi-kayirasa-pumpkin-coconut

Harini’s Roasted Pumpkin seeds:

Saraswathi’s Pumpkin Morekozhambu:

I hope I have included all the recipes I received. If I have left out any entry, please send me an email to and I will include it asap.

Announcing Event- Fruit/Veggie a Month- Pumpkins for May 2012

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Priya started the event Fruit/Veggie a Month and I should say it really puts the veggies and fruits in a special place rather than using it as a side in our food. Since I spend time in my garden growing vegetables, I know the value of the ingredient, the time it takes to produce one and the benefits of organic ingredients in our everyday meal. Naturally I asked priya if I can guest host it for a month and it was a long wait, mainly because of the success of the event and the host lineups :) Finally it is my time to host her special event here at my place. You can check out the past entries and corresponding star ingredient by visiting this page.

I chose the vegetable-Pumpkin for May 2012. You can use any variety of pumpkin, white or yellow.

There are few rules to consider as per the creator of this event.

· The chosen vegetable- Pumpkin has to be the STAR of the recipe.

· It can be cooked in any way or can be in its raw form in the recipe.

· It can be any course of the meal (appetizer/main course/side dish/dessert/beverage or breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack).

· Recipe has to be strict vegetarian (eggs are allowed). This is simply to re-enforce the fact that we can eat veggies without any meat and also for all our vegetarian friends, who do not eat meat.

· You HAVE to make new recipes and old archived posts are not allowed. This is just so that we try and make new fresh recipes :)

· Please send in your entries before end of May 31,2012.

· If you are a blogger, you can simply send your Name and URL of your recipe along with the picture to with the subject of “Veggie/Fruit A Month – Star Ingredient”.

· Non bloggers can email me your name, recipe and picture at with the subject of “Veggie/Fruit A Month – Star Ingredient”.

· Link your post to the original event post along with the event announcement for that month. (The original event announcement can be found at this page and this month’s event announcement is here)

· Feel free to mention the variety if you know.

· Always try to buy and use locally grown veggie and fruits :)

. Use of logo is appreciated as it helps to spread the word. This logo features the pumpkin plant from my garden :)

Looking forward for your entries, if you have any questions please leave a comment or mail me at