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Home Remedies: Remedy for Headaches

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Headaches and it’s medicines can give more headaches than relief. Everyone has headaches at least once a week. Given the lifestyle and hectic work schedule, the most common reason for headache is tension. As soon as one gets a headache, the immediate remedy we think of is drinking coffee. But that can create more ache than curing it. Head aches are signals telling the brain that it needs more air, but drinking cups and cups of coffee will only restrict the air movement than providing some, hence the time taken for relief is longer. Some people have a habit of taking of taking pain relievers with coffee or tea! Water will be the best option than any of these drinks.

Instead of taking pain relievers and still watching TV or cooking or working, take atleast 10 minutes off the schedule when you get a headache. Wash your face, freshen up and sit in a place that has good air circulation for a few minutes.

This remedy for tension headaches is by my Mom. When I was in Uni, I had a hectic schedule,classes and events to organize and as you all know, she does not believe in swallowing pills like toffees.

The remedy:

When you read this, I am sure you will laugh before believing it. In India, during summers if someone is walking around like a boiling pressure cooker waiting to let off steam of anger on someone, we tell them to apply some lemon on the head to cool off 😉

Yes, Lemon. If you think you have a tension headache, and you are at home, take a lemon and cut 2-3 thin round slices. Apply the slices on the forehead and on the sides(temple points). Make sure that the juices does not go into the eyes. Repeat twice of thrice till you can feel the juice of lemon as a layer on the forehead. Sit in a quite place for 10 minutes. You can feel relief faster than a pain reliever.

Who can use: Adults
Dosage: Once or twice over a 10 minute period.

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