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Mango Shrikand

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


Suddenly last week, we had a basket full of fruits due to friends traveling home for holidays and giving us some groceries and fruits to use. We had almost a dozen apples and ripe mangoes. I had just finished a round of making morekozhambu and knew if I made mango morekuzhambu again, its not going to go well with N. Lassi was a good choice but with the temperatures so low there would be no takers for a glass of iced mango lassi. I thought of making fruit cakes with apples and didnt worry about them. I hit the web and was searching for ways to use up the mangoes. I came across this recipe for mango shrikand. Kevin has written about mangoes as well, and coming from India where summer season is almost mango season, I knew how indulging it would be.

It was quite simple and I finished off the mangoes by making shrikand and spreading the cheer..I mean, distributing it to friends again..The mangoes went for a full circle and were back to the owners :)


Yogurt- 1 cup

Ripe mango- cut into small cubes- 16 pieces

Sugar- 2 tsp

Saffron- few strands.


The water from the yogurt is to be removed to make thick shrikand. I used a plain white cloth over the vegetable strainer and strained the yogurt for 3 hours. Removed the thick yogurt and added sugar to the yogurt.

I didnt dump the mangoes on top of the shrikand but made them like a parfait. I took a wine glass and assembled some mangoes (sugar coated) at the bottom. Spooned over the yogurt and layered some more mangoes and finished it with some yogurt on top. Sprinkled the top with saffron and put it back in the fridge(covered) for an hour. Served it chilled after dinner and it was yummy, not too sweet, just right with a hint of saffron.


This is my entry for tried and tasted, hosted this month by salt to taste featuring Kevin of Closet Cooking.

After finishing the mango shrikand yesterday, I thought about the Jello cups I had in the refrigerator. Since I have a sweet tooth, I store stuff like Jello or haldirams tins of rasgullas to satisfy my craving. That prompted me to use jello and mangoes in the shrikand for round 2.


This jello I had was vanilla flavored sugar free Jello, so for the second round this is what I used:

Jello cups- 2
Mango- 12 cubes
Cardamom biscuit (britannia cream biscuit)- 4 each

Keep one of the cardamom biscuits for garnish. Separate the cream and the biscuit. Break up the biscuit and form the base for the parfait. Add some jello on top, arrange some mangoes, spoon over some more jello and sprinkle the cardamom cream on top of the mangoes. Chill for 30 minutes and serve, garnishing with a biscuit.


This Jello-Mango-Parfait is my entry for Delectable Desserts,Pastries and Ice cream event and hosted by food for 7 stages of life along with Sudeshna .

Before we had our last spoonful, I added a bit of Nutella on top too, and the flavors blended well. N, who is not too fond of sweets actually liked the jello version of shrikand(can I still call it shrikand??) better than the yogurt base :) I guess I can also add some apricot preserves the next time I build this no cook, no bake dessert. I wanted to place a mango wafer biscuit to go with the mango combination but I wasn’t able to find it here.