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Golmaal Parathas

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

The best thing in the world is a vacation in India if you ask me 😉 Yup, that’s what me and my lil one are enjoying these days, a 2 month break in India. Both my mom and MIL are cooking for me, there are people to do chores for me and to take care of lil R, give him a bath, take him out for walks and the best of all- those little shops that are there at every corner where you can get everything and last but not the least, shopping!! These days I have been roaming around Bangalore(or Bengaluru) shopping for clothes, checking out new places to eat, meeting friends etc etc.,

This past week when my Sister In Law took me out for shopping in Jaynagar 4th block, we shopped till we dropped, and she suggested this place to add some energy to do a second round of shopping! We stormed into the Paratha Specialist place- called as “Golmaal Parathas” a pure vegetarian restaurant.

I was not too keen as I thought there would be nothing interesting but the menu had nearly 90 types of parathas starting from the usual aloo paratha extending on to aloo methi, palak paneer, dal paratha, chana paratha, rajma paratha, mixed veg, beetroot paratha, cheese and onion, chili and cheese- you imagine it, you got it!

I ordered my all time favorite of aloo methi and a glass of buttermilk, while SIL chose palak paneer paratha. I was surprised to see a foot long paratha infront of me in a couple of minutes accompanied by pickles, yogurt, sweet chutney, mint(green) chutney and a gravy(chana masala) and a spicy hot fried green chili with onions and lemon. The hot and flaky paratha was melting in our mouths and given the size of it, to be honest we could not finish either of our parathas. And the cost? Around 100 rupees per paratha. I ended up agreeing with their view “Yeh to Desi Hai”!!

I’d say check it out if you haven’t done it by now(may be I just now found the place as I do not live there). Watch this space for more places to find tasty khana in Bangalore! Are there any of your favorite places you’d like me to check out too? Let us know!