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Avocado Poori (Avocado Fried Indian bread)

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Avocado is one of my favorite fruits to toss into a salad, sometimes it is good on it’s own with a bit of salt and pepper. When I saw some really creative recipes using Avocado, I wanted to use it in other dishes as well and that is how this dish was born.

Instead of making plain poori’s I wanted to try Avocado Poori. The experiment was a huge(tasty) success- if I can say so myself, with dear hubby approving it and asking for seconds, the verdict has to be a Hit!

The interesting part was the Avocado poori was not oily at all, compared to the regular poori! Neither did it leave a oil trail on the plates!

Ingredients: (Makes enough poori’s to serve two people)

Large, ripe Avocado- 1
Wheat flour- 2 cups (I used a 200 ml measuring glass)
Salt- to taste
Olive oil- 1 tsp
Water- just enough to make a dough
Canola oil- To deep fry


Cut the Avocado into two, remove the seed and the skin. Scoop the flesh of avocado and transfer it to a bowl.
Mash it well with a spoon or a ladle.

Add the measured wheat flour to the bowl and mix well. Add salt and olive oil. At this stage you can start  kneading the dough even without water. But water will also be needed. Knead while adding water to make sure that the dough is not soggy.

Make a firm dough, dust it with a bit of flour to absorb any excess water. Keep aside.

Heat oil in a deep pan, not a wide pan, as pooris fluff up when they have enough oil to cook in. Oil has to be in medium-hot temperature.

Divide the dough into equal lemon sized parts. Take one part of the dough, flatten it with a rolling pan and make a small pancake size shape. Drop this into the oil. As soon as the poori fluffs up, turn it to the other side and let it cook till golden brown in color.

Serve avocado pooris with Kadappa or Egg Korma or Paneer Makhni. We had it with Navarathna Korma (recipe follows soon).

I am sending this Avocado poori to Siri’s Healing Food- Avocado Event.