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Gazebo Dal

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

As I sit and slurp my maggie noodles(comfort food for my sinus) and look around the house to see the chores I still have to do, there is one thing that has been well taken care of – sharing recipes. Thanks to my Sis, my inbox is full of recipes and pictures. Following with the hotel style vathakozhambu this is another one of her specials that I make when I run low on veggies/pantry ingredients.

Before I share the recipe, two things I forgot write about in the previous posts are:
Picture of the avakkai -mango channa pickle I made two weeks ago, recipe is here.

Activities I have been doing with the Lil one the past week- Visit to the zoo, a fun playscape, stomping grounds playplace, swimming, playgroup date and last but certainly not the least my lil boy and I had fun dancing together in a “Zumba” class :) Our dancing may not be the perfect zumba dance moves that you’d expect but all that matters is that we had a good time, right?

Recipe time then! This dal is very tasty and just melts in the mouth and a special recipe in the restaurant Gazebo(in Dubai). I learnt it from my sis and made it loads of times when I was expecting R as it was easy, almost a one pot dish and was loaded with protein. Mostly I drank it like a soup with some kind of bread to dunk into it.

Serves 3-4

Moong dhal – 3/4 cup
Toor dhal – 1/4 cup
Spinach – a small bunch – leaves only – sliced thin
Onions, finely chopped- 3 tbsp
Tomato -One small size,finely chopped
Garlic – 1 clove
Ghee/Butter – 3 tea spoons
cumin seeds – 1/4 tea spoon
red chillies – 3
Salt to taste
Turmeric power- 1/8 tsp


Wash and pressure cook the dhals with the garlic,onions,spinach and tomato adding a little extra water for a mushy consistency. You can even go for 3 whistles to achieve that consistency. Let it cool down, mash the contents well.

Heat the ghee/butter in a kadai. Temper with cumin and red chili. Lower the flame add the cooked dal and veggie mixture, adding turmeric powder and salt to taste. Lower the flame and let it cook for 10 minutes till the dal mixture looks thick. You can add lemon juice to taste if needed. Serve with rotis,pooris,jeera rice or naan.

You do not need any spices as the red chili itself is enough.

Another way to make this dal: Let the dals cook in the pressure cooker directly for 4-5 whistles, then do the tadka in a small tadka pan and pour it over the dal.

Sending this Gazebo dal to MLLA-47 guest hosted by Priya, an event started by Susan.