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Zebra Cake!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Before you jump to conclusions, it is not zebra in a cake, but a cake like zebra(!!!!). I saw this recipe last year at Divya’s and also read about a lot of disaster’s while trying to make this cake from other blogs. But I wanted to try it anyways, thought if it does not turn out well, I can use the crumbs to make a cake on its own;

But the cake turned out to be a fantastic success. It was moist and colorful and quite different in looks from the ordinary cake. One thing you have to remember to make this cake is that you need patience- loads of it. Do not hurry to make this cake, thinking that you can put together everything in a jiffy. You have to wait before building each layer, so try it when you have nothing else to do.


Eggs – 2
Self rising flour – 1 cup and another 3/4 cups
Sugar – 1 cup
Oil – 3/4 cup
Milk- Just under 1/4 cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Dark cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons


Cakes taste better when all ingredients are at room temperature. Keep the eggs at room temperature for atleast a hour before baking the cake. If you are using butter instead of oil, soften the butter at room temperature.

Whisk the eggs well with a fork or a beater. Add oil, vanilla essence and milk and beat well.

Sift together flour and baking powder. Slowly add a handful of the flour to the bowl with eggs. Alternate with adding sugar and flour to the bowl. Do not mix vigorously as over mixing will result in a tough cake.

Once all the flour has been incorporated, check if the consistency is between that of a pancake batter- cake batter. If the batter is too thick, add either oil or milk to loosen it.

Now divide the batter into two equal portions. To one part, add the cocoa powder and mix well(let’s name this as cocoa batter). Keep the other half as it is(let’s call this white batter).

Putting together the layers:

Preheat the oven to 375 F. (Do this before making layers as layering takes time)

This cake looks good on a round pan so grease/dust a pan accordingly. Now, slowly add about a tablespoon of white batter as the base layer. Wait for it to spread thinly on the base on its own (takes about a minute). Do not hurry or shake the pan.

Once the white layer has stopped spreading, in the middle add a tablespoon of the cocoa batter. Wait for it to spread on its own on top of the white layer.

Repeat pouring a tbsp of white batter and wait for it to spread to the edge. Repeat with cocoa batter.

Keep alternating these two layers till you finish off both batters (or till the pan is 3/4th full with batter). As you keep filling each layer, you can see thick circles concentrating towards the middle as a peak.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes, or till the top of the cake turns golden brown in color. You can sense that the cake is done by the aroma or check by inserting a knife at the centre of the cake. If the knife comes out clean, the cake is done!

Remove pan from the oven. Let it cool for 5 minutes. Using a knife go around the cake pan to loosen the cake. Invert it on a plate. Let it cool completely and slice. Serve with tea! You can do chocolate frosting also.

This is not the usual thick, creamy, oozing with chocolate kinda cake, but this cake has enough chocolate to enjoy without feeling guilty! I am sending this Zebra cake to Divya’s Chocolate Cake Event.